APUSH Homework

General Note: Below you will find the homework assignments for each class by date. If you have misplaced a handout, the items listed as links are available to download and print.

(Here’s a link to Zinn readings)

8/23/12: Click here to view the Summer Work Guidelines

9/5-6: here’s the Ch 1-4 Study List; complete Letter to Parents w/your parents and return next class; complete Ch 1 objective packet; read and annotate Zinn Ch 1; complete Who Am I Poster Guidelines

9/7-9/10: read Las Casas packet Short Report On the Destruction of the Indies; read The Latest Truth article; complete Ch 2 objective packet; read and annotate National Geographic Found & Lost packet

9/11-9/12: grade summer essay w/Summer Essay Rubric – Biography or Summer Essay Rubric – Cold Mountain; complete Ch 3 objective packet; read and annotate Patriot’s History packet; read excerpt from Mayflower; read MayComp:City Upon A Hill:Fundamental Orders

9/13-9/14: Ch 4 packet; Witchcraft Trials Readings; research for Mr. Koerber’s visit

9/17-9/18: Treatment of the Slaves reading; annotate Zinn Ch 2

9/19-9/20: work on Forum Discussion based on the documents your group received:

Witch Trial Testimony (this was split in half so you’ll need to find your group’s portion)

Olaudah Equiano or The Selling of Joseph


Write a rough draft of an essay answering the following DBQ: 2010 Puritans DBQ

9/21-9/24: study Ch 1-4 and all handouts for Unit 1 Exam

9/25-9/26: read Ch 5 and complete objective packet; read and annotate Zinn Ch 3 excerpt; read “Sinners and BFrank excerpt

9/27-9/28: read Ch 6 and complete objective packet; complete French and Indian War research; complete Ch 5-8 Map (color)

10/1-10/2: read short Patriot’s History handout on the F&I War; read, annotate, and write an outline to the French and Indian War DBQ; read Ch 7 and complete objective packet; study Ch 5-8 map for quiz

10/3-10/4: read and annotate Patriot’s History packet; read Debunking Boston Tea Party Myths; read and respond to 3 historians’ views on the reasons for the Revolution (Causes of the Revolution Analysis)

10/5-10/9: rewrite essays (if needed); complete Ch 5-8 Map Questions; study Ch 5-7 for IDs quiz (Road to the Revolution Timeline)

10/10-10/11: complete Ch 8 packet and Gordon Wood reading

10/12-10/15: study Ch 5-8 study list for Unit 2 Ch 5-8 Exam

10/16-10/17: Ch 9-11 Study List; complete Ch 9 packet; label, color, and study States and Land Claims map (see below); read Zinn Ch 5 and complete Zinn Ch 5 Ques

10/18-19: read The Articles of Confederation and complete questions at the end; complete Constitution Questions; read Newsweek Census/Filibuster handout

10/22-23: Links for 10-24 Maine Supreme Court visit: Basic information about the CourtBrief descriptions of each of the cases, including links to the briefs for each sideBiographical information on the justices

10-24/25: complete Amendments Worksheet; read and answer questions to Zinn’s The Bill of Rights

10/26-29: study Constitution and Amendments for quiz

10/30-31: complete Political Ideology Questions and Candidate Profile Sheet

11/1-2: complete Ch 10 packet; read and annotate Washington’s Farewell Address

11/5-7: study Ch 9-10 & Constitution for IDs quiz; read and and take notes on Ch 11

11/8-9: complete Louisiana Purchase Map Activity using 1803 LA Purchase Map; study for quiz next class

11/13-14: study Ch 9-11 & the Constitution for Unit 3 Exam next class

11/15-16: Ch 12-15 Study List; complete Ch 12 packet; use directions from MO Comp Map Activity handout to label, color, and study MO Comp Outline Map for quiz next class

11/19-20: complete Ch 13 packet; read and annotate Zinn Ch 7, paying particular attention to answering these questions: Zinn Ch 7 Ques

Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun while completing Thanksgiving Crossword

11/26-27: complete outline for Jacksonian Democracy essay using: Basic 5-Paragraph Essay Thesis Statements; complete Ch 14 packet

11/28-29: study Ch 12-14 for IDs quiz; complete Ch 15 packet; read Zinn Ch 6 and create chart using directions described in this document: Zinn Ch 6 Ques

11/30-12/3: study Ch 12-15 for Unit 4 Exam

12/4: SALEM! 🙂

12/6-12/7: Ch 16-19 Study List; complete Ch 16 packet; complete Zinn Ch 9-1 Ques

12/10-11: complete Ch 17 packet; complete Zinn Ch 8 Ques; study Presidents 1-10 for Quiz #1 next class

12/12-13: complete Ch 18 packet; complete outline for Expansion DBQ; use the guidelines on the US in 1850 Map Activity handout to label and color this US in 1850 blank map (there will NOT be a map quiz next class); study Presidents 1-10 for Quiz #2

12/14-17: study Ch 16-18 for IDs quiz; complete Ch 19 Packet; complete Zinn Ch 10-1 Ques

12/18-19: study for exam using Ch 16-19 Study List

12/20-21: complete Ch 20 Packet; start studying for midterm over vacation using Midterm Exam Study List

1/2-3: complete Ch 21 Packet; label, color, and study the 1860 blank map using 1860 Map Activity guidelines and the 1860 lableled map

1/4-7: complete Battles Research Activity; read Soldiering in the Civil War and complete Soldiering in the Civil War Questions; complete Zinn Ch 10-2 Ques; complete Zinn Ch 9-2 Ques

1/8-9: here’s a copy of the article we read in class: Fire of Patriotism – Down East Magazine; study Ch 20-21 for IDs quiz; complete Ch 22 Packet; read The Southern Black Codes and answer the questions (no annotations necessary)

1/10-11: study Ch 20-22 for exam

1/14-18: study for APUSH Midterm

1/22-25: Ch 23-26 Study List; complete Ch 23 Packet; read (no annotations necessary) the second half of Zinn Ch 11 (see link at the top) and complete Zinn 11-2 3-level Questions; there are Presidents sheets for your reference that you can pick up in class (no assignment associated with these)

1/28-29: complete Ch 24 Packet; read first half of Zinn Ch 11 (see link at top) and complete Zinn 11-1 3-level Questions; study Presidents 1-20 for quiz next class

1/30-31: Mr. Koerber!! No homework 🙂

2/1-4: complete Ch 25 Packet; read (no annotations required) Washington DuBois Reading and answer questions at the end

2/5-6: (no chapter packet assigned this class); complete Washington-DuBois DBQ; read, annotate, and be ready to present information about your section of Jacob Riis’ How the Other Half Lives (link here: http://www.bartleby.com/208/); complete US in 1900 Map Activity – just to turn in (there will be no map quiz)

2/7-2/11: complete Ch 26 Packet; read Frontier Thesis and complete Frontier Thesis Questions; study Ch 23-25 for IDs quiz

2-12/13: study Ch 23-26 for exam

2-14/26: Ch 27-30 Study List; complete Ch 27 Packet; read and annotate excerpt from Patriot’s History (will need to pick up in the class crate)

2-27/28: complete Ch 28 Packet; read and annotate Zinn Ch 13 and complete Zinn Ch 13 Questions

3-1/4: complete Ch 29 Packet; read and annotate Ch 1 of Lies My Teacher Told Me and complete Lies Activity (you can also pick up a photocopy of the reading from the class crate); for extra super fun and gross-out, read The Jungle Ch 3 (not required)

3-5/6: complete Ch 30 Packet; read and annotate Zinn Ch 14 Ques

3-7/8: study Ch 27-30 for exam

3-11/12: Ch 31-34 Study List; complete Ch 31 Packet; read and annotate Zinn Ch 15-1 (first 7 pages)

3-13/14: complete Ch 32 Packet; read and annotate Patriot’s History reading (you must pick up a photocopy of the reading from the class crate)

3-18/20: complete Ch 33 Packet; read and annotate Great Depression & New Deal reading packet  (you must pick up a photocopy of the reading from the class crate); study Presidents 1-30 for quiz next class; review the relief-recovery-reform chart

3-21/22: study Presidents 1-30 for quiz #2 next class; study Ch 31-33 for IDs quiz next class; complete Ch 34 Packet; read and annotate New Deal readings  (you must pick up photocopies of these from the class crate)

3-25/26: study  Ch 31-34 Study List for exam next class

3/27-28:Ch 35-38 Study List; complete Ch 35 Packet; read over the Conferences Timeline and plot events on the timeline on the back; complete 2013 Battles Research Activity

3/29-4/1: label the WWII Europe Map Locations and WWII South Pacific Map Locations on blank maps (you must pick up photocopies of these from the class crate) using these WW II Europe and WW II Pacific maps; study these locations for a quiz next class; complete Ch 36 Packet

4/3-4: complete Ch 37 Packet; read and annotate Why Did Japan Surrender? article

4/5-8: (Mr. Hart presentation in class); complete Ch 38 Packet; read and annotate Eyes on the Prize March on Washington packet (must pick up photocopy)

4/9-10: read and annotate Eyes on the Prize chapter (must pick up photocopy); here’s the Civil Rights PowerPoint

4/11-22: study Ch 35-38 for exam

4/23-24: Ch 39-42 Study List; complete Ch 39 Packet; label and study Vietnam Conflict outline map with the locations listed on Vietnam Conflict Map Locations (map quiz next class); read and annotate Zinn’s “The Impossible Victory: Vietnam” chapter ending with the paragraph that starts “Lyndon Johnson had escalated a brutal war and failed to win it.” (see link at top of page to Zinn readings)

4/25-26: complete Ch 40 Packet and Ch 41 Packet

4/29-30: study Ch 39-41 for IDs quiz; complete Ch 42 Packet

5/1-2: study Ch 39-42 for our LAST EXAM!!! 🙂

5/3-6: study Presidents List 1-44 (this is all of them!) for quiz next class; here are all the study materials I handed out in class: Best Way to StudyPresidents and EventsPolitical Parties DescriptionsAmerican Legislation, Acts, Bills, Ordinances, Amendments, and ProvisosNotable American WomenSC Cases listSC Justices 9 GreatestTreaties50 States Content QuizSample Free Response Questions

5/7-8-9-10: here are the Unit 11 Ch 39 Exam Answers; here are the Practice Exam Answers

5/11: study session, Multi-Purpose Room, 12:00-5:00; bring lists of materials you’d like to ask questions about

5/13-14: here are the Chapter Overviews I used during the review session