2018 Winter Carnival

Here is the schedule for Friday, March 9th:

(40 minute classes w/5 min passing times)
7:45-8:25 Period 1-2
8:30-9:10 Period 3-4
9:15-9:55 Period 5-6
10:00-10:40 Period 7-8

FLEX Group A
(30 minute activity period and then 25 minute lunch)
10:45-11:15 Activity
11:15-11:40 Lunch

FLEX Group B
(25 minute lunch and then 30 minute activity period)
10:40-11:05 Lunch
11:10-11:40 Activity

(30 minute activity periods w/5 min passing times)
11:45-12:15 Activity 1
12:20-12:50 Activity 2
12:55-1:25 Activity 3
1:30-2:10 Pep Rally (gym)

Here is the list of events for Friday, March 9th:

Acoustic Jam 201 (Riggleman)

Adult Coloring Books and 3-D Doodle Cubes 123 (Selberg)

Apples to Apples 235 (Austin)

Bench Press Weight room

Card Making for the Children’s Hospital 247 (Norbert)

Code Names 202 (Smith)

Cornhole 217 (Misner)

Cribbage Tournament 224 (Wagner)

Desperado 211 (Flanagan)

Dodgeball Main Gym

Foreign Language Games 239 (Lienau)

Friendship Bracelets 221 (McCullough)

Go 115 (Goldstone)

Henna Tattoos 236 (Perkins)

Magic Tournament
230 (Kirk)

Mahjong 204 (Russell)

Movie Trivia 104 (Farrell)

Musical Chairs Stage

Name That Tune 252 (Hanson)

Open Drawing Studio 114 (K-Graffam)

Outdoor Walk Front entrance

Ping Pong 112 (Burnette)

Scavenger Hunt 219 (Guptil)

Spelling Bee 212 (Sheehy)

Escape Room (Activity 1 & 2) Library – Classroom

Snowshoeing Meet at Gym Doors

Ozobot robots (Activity 2 & 3) Makerspace

Video Games 117 (Choate)

Wire Charm Bracelets & Magnet Making 135 (Driscoll)


Below are the rules and score sheets for each of the activities:

Acoustic Jam

Apples to Apples

Bench Press

Card Making for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital

Code Names

Coloring- Adult Coloring Books and 3-D Doodle Cubes


Cribbage Tournament



Foreign Language Games

Friendship Bracelet Making

Go – Board Game

Henna Tattoos

Magic Tournament


Movie Trivia

Musical Chairs

Name That Tune

Open Drawing Studio

Outdoor Walk

Ozobot Robot

Ping Pong

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Lists

Sherlock Holmes Escape Room


Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Word List

Video Games

Wire Charm Bracelets & Magnet Making