BHS Student Government

Please review the Junior Officer Job Descriptions (Draft prepared by Advisors) and be ready to share your feedback at our next meeting.


The 2017-18 Student Government members are as follows:

Student Government Officers:
President: Alex Wagner
Vice President: Max Gramins
Secretary: Corbin Bouchard
Treasurer: Hannah Day

Class Officers:

Class of 2018

President: Adam Benoit
Vice President: Maeve Arthur
Secretary: Lily Mateus
Treasurer: Corbin Bouchard

Class of 2019
President: Ania Johnston
Vice President: Logan Holt
Secretary: Nick DaRosa
Treasurer: Calla Hladky

Class of 2020
President: Isabella Banks
Vice President: Liberty Krauss
Secretary: Ella Tycz
Treasurer: Jenna Roane

Class of 2021
President: Emma Banks
Vice President: Hannah Leitzell
Secretary: Audrey Pantaz
Treasurer: Isaac Albough

At-Large Members
to be determined


Here is the BHS Student Government Constitution.

Here is the BHS Co-Curricular Contract.