Basic US 1st Quarter

9/4: complete the Letter to Parents and Behavior Contract with a parent or guardian at home; read the Classroom Grading System and share with your parent/guardian; we completed the US History Scattergories activity in class; use the Who Am I Poster Guidelines to complete your poster (here’s my example: Who Am I? 2014)

9/8: we completed the Early Native Americans Notes Sheets using the Early Native Americans Presentation; complete the Early Native Americans – Who Would You Live With writing assignment for homework

9/10: we completed the Columbus Biography and the Explorers Presentation together in class; we completed the Explorations of the USA’s South and Southwest worksheets in groups in class (must pick up from class crate); homework is to complete the Three French Explorers worksheet (must pick up from class crate)

9/12: we reviewed the Three French Explorers homework we completed for today; we used the Roanoke – Jamestown Presentation to complete the Roanoke – Jamestown Keynote Notes Sheets; we used the 13 colonies labeled map to label the 13 colonies no labels map, following the directions on the 13 Colonies Map Activity handout; homework is to color the map and to bring all class materials to class on Tuesday for our assisted study hall

9/16: Assisted Study Hall Day: we worked on any necessary assignments; see Assisted Study Hall Guidelines; homework is to study the 13 colonies map for a quiz next class

9/18: we completed the 13 Colonies Map Quiz in class; we completed the Northern Colonies Notes Sheet 1 and Northern Colonies Notes Sheet 2 using the Northern Colonies Presentation 1 and Northern Colonies Presentation 2; use the Study List for first quiz to prepare for our first content quiz next class

9/22: we completed our content quiz in class; complete The Middle Colonies

9/24: we reviewed our Unit 1 Content quiz in class; we reviewed The Middle Colonies reading completed as homework; no homework

9/26: we completed various worksheets and handouts on the French & Indian War – all of which need to be picked up from the class crate

9/30: Assisted Study Hall day

10/2: we completed Colonial Economy Notes Sheet using the Colonial Economy Presentation; homework is to complete the Make Your Own Test Template using the BasicUS Make Your Own Test Guidelines

10/6: we used the computers in class to type a rough draft of the Make Your Own Test Template hand written out as homework due today; homework for next class is to print out the test, hand write in the answers, and then ask someone to proofread this copy, making notations on the test with their suggestions and signing it (so I know who your proofreader was)

10/8: we used the computers in class to type a final draft of our tests using the proofreading suggestions that were gathered as homework due today; all THREE copies of the test are due next class: a hand-written copy on the Make Your Own Test Template, a typed, proofread exam with editing marks, and a typed final copy – ALL THREE COPIES MUST HAVE THE ANSWERS HAND-WRITTEN IN

10/14: we took the 20-question multiple-choice quiz that goes with the Make Your Own Test project; we used the class period to either put the finishing touches on the test or to work on the homework: Zenger and Franklin Readings and Questions

10/16: corrected MYOTests were handed back; we completed Road to Revolution Notes Sheet using the Road to Revolution Presentation; homework is to complete Stamp Act Worksheets

10/20: we used the DOI Presentation to complete the DOI Notes Sheet; we completed the Revolution Word Scramble; homework was to complete The War for Independence Reading and Questions and to have a parent or guardian sign the Patriot Permission Slip

10/22: we started watching The Patriot and completing The Patriot Movie Questions; homework was to complete The War Continues Reading and Questions

10/24: we reviewed information from our unit so far by completing the Road to Revolution IDs Matching; we continued watching The Patriot and filling out the movie questions; homework was to complete Battlegrounds Shift and study the matching we completed for a quiz next class

10/28: we put the quiz off until Thursday; we finished watching The Patriot; homework was to study for our content quiz and to organize all the 1st quarter work using the 1st Quarter Portfolio Directions

10/30: we took our Unit 2 Content Quiz; we used the rest of the period as our Assisted Study Hall; students received Amer Rev Study Guide Project Option so they could begin preparing for next week’s exam