Dance Policy


Attending school dances is a privilege extended to you as a BHS student. Elementary, junior high or guests over 20 years of age are not permitted at BHS dances. The exception is the Senior Prom. Guests over the age of 21 must have administrative approval.

Clubs and activity groups at BHS must complete the necessary form(s) and receive approval in order to use school facilities. Custodians, a minimum of two police officers, and fourteen (14) faculty chaperones will be needed for dances. The cost is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Forms are available in the main office and must be approved one month in advance.



All school rules apply at dances.  In addition, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Brunswick High students must present their student identification cards at the door.  Once inside, students may not leave the school building.  If they do, they will not be allowed to return.
  2. Although certain types of dancing are popular right now, they are not necessarily appropriate for the high school environment.  “Lap dancing” and “grinding” will not be allowed at BHS dances.  These types of dances, whether done in pairs or by individuals, will not be tolerated.  Dancing which might be seen as obscene or sexual in nature by adult supervisors is not allowed at BHS functions.   Moshing, slam dancing, and other dangerous dancing are also prohibited.  The adults who are chaperoning the dance will be the judges of what might be considered risqué or dangerous and will ask the individuals to stop.  Should such dancing continue after a warning to the individual(s), the person(s) will be asked to leave the dance.
  3. Students are not allowed to be under the influence or in the possession of any drug, alcohol, tobacco product, electronic cigarettes or other illegal substances.  If students appear to be under the influence of illegal substances their parents and the police will be notified.  Their parents or the police will transport the student home.  Disciplinary action will be taken which may include suspension or expulsion and the student will be excluded from school dances for the remainder of the school year.
  4. Guest may attend BHS dances with the completion and approval of the Dance and Activity Guest Pass. No guest over the age of 20 years old will be allowed into the dance without administrative approval. Guests are encouraged to check in with the administrator supervising the dance or activity. Only one guest per BHS student is allowed.
  5. Students are required to leave coats, purses, bags etc. in the designated coat check area. Students are also encouraged not to bring valuables to the dance.
  6. There is a limit on the number of people that can attend a dance.  Once the limit as defined by fire core has been met there will be no further admittance. BHS Cafeteria 400

Dancing Guidelines

  • No front to back dancing.
  • No inappropriate or suggestive dancing will be allowed
  • No simulated sex acts (including, but not limited to, genital touching or pelvic thrusting).
  • No bending over or squatting down on the floor
  • Both feet on the floor
  • No “making out” (no overt and/prolonged public display of affection