Basic US 3rd Quarter

The homework assigned after the Midterm was to complete the Mexican War Reading

Thursday, 1/29: we got our new seating assignments for the 3rd quarter; we reviewed our 2nd quarter progress reports; we reviewed the subjective questions from the midterm exam; we used our 1st and 2nd quarter progress reports to calculate grades and set goals, using the 2nd Semester Goal Sheet – a parent must sign this and it must be returned next class; we went over some current events; we reviewed the homework by working as a group to pair up the terms and identifications from the reading contained on the Mexican War Dating Game Cards

Wednesday, 2/4: we handed in our signed goal sheets from last class; we discussed the Points of Conflict Presentation using the Points of Conflict Notes Master; we worked onthe The Middle Passage Reading and Questions together in class; homework is to complete the The Middle Passage Reading and Questions if it wasn’t done in class and to have a parent sign the Glory Permission Slip

Friday, 2/6: we watched Glory and worked on the Glory Movie Questions; homework was to use the Secession and War Master to answer the Secession and War Presentation Questions

Tuesday, 2/10: we finished watching Glory and completed the Glory Movie Questions; homework is to label, color, and study the US 1860 Map no labels map; use the US 1860 Map and the 1860 Map Activity directions (we will have a map quiz next class)

Thursday, 2/12: we completed our US in 1860 map quiz; homework is to complete the Civil War Battles, 1863-65 reading

Monday, 2/23: assisted study hall day

Wednesday, 2/25: we we completed the The War Rages Presentation Handout using the The War Rages Presentation; homework is to prepare for our content quiz using the Study Guide for Content Quiz

Friday, 2/27: we completed our content quiz in class; we completed the The War Ends Presentation in class; we did the Battle Deaths side of the The Last Year – Battle Deaths Worksheet; homework was to complete the other side entitled The Last Year

Tuesday, 3/3: we completed the Reconstruction Notes Sheet using the Reconstruction Presentation; homework is to start preparing for our unit exam using the Unit 5 Civil War and R…ject Option

Thursday, 3/5: we used the remote-control game to study for exam

Monday, 3/9: we took our Unit 5 Civil War Exam; homework is to complete the Manifest Destiny Questions

Wednesday, 3/11: we watched “500 Nations” and took notes; homework was to complete the Opening the West – Ranchers and Farmers reading and questions

Monday, 3/16: we started watching America the Story of Us: Heartland and completing the The Story of Us – Heartland Questions; no homework

Wednesday, 3/18: we finished watching America the Story of Us: Heartland and completed the The Story of Us – Heartland Questions; we started the Westward Expansion Map Activity using the US Outline Map, the Indian Wars 1864-1890 map, and the Westward Expansion Labeled Map; no homework

Friday, 3/20:  we began discussing the Imperialism Presentation Handout using the Imperialism Presentation; we reviewed the map from last class; homework was to complete the THE ROUGH RIDERS reading and questions and study for a map quiz

Tuesday, 3/24: we took our Westward Expansion map quiz; we finishedthe Imperialism Presentatio;  homework was to complete the Inventions Change Society

Thursday, 3/26: we reviewed Big Business Presentation; homework was to complete the The New Immigrants Reading

Monday, 3/30: we completed the Immigration Notes Sheet using the Immigration Presentation; homework was to complete the Progressivism Readings

Wednesday, 4/1: we took our Unit 6 America Expands exam; homework was to complete the Causes of WWI Reading

Friday, 4/3: we discussed some current events; we reviewed the locations of the 1914 Europe Map Activity using the Europe at War, 1914 map and the Europe in 1914 Outline Map; we followed along with the How Bad Directions (And A Sandwich) Started World War I while we listened to an NPR Interview; we started the Life in the Trenches reading and questions together; homework is to finish the map and the trenches reading