Laminating…Just one of many services offered by Library!

Mrs. DeCamilla with a laminating project for one of our BHS teachers on the November 5th Workshop Day! Laminating is just one of many services the Library provides!

Halloween Scene in the BHS Library with Mr. DeSimio!

Mr. DeSimio as a fierce pirate on Halloween! Mr. DeSimio’s skills with vintage fabric, notions, and gear can be enjoyed by all in the Library’s Makerspace, the STREAM Lab!

Celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the Brunswick Town Commons!

Complete the 300th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt & Enter the Maine Woods drawing!

A Hogwarts-Inspired Dragon Challenge Gathering!

Join Melissa Orth and Mrs. Jerome for the Dragon Challenge Literary Society’s Harry Potter themed October gathering when we will be discussing books that take place in a boarding school, including Hogwarts! Stop by the Library and check out the display of books that all take place in a boarding school! We hope to see you on October 30th!

Meeting Kathy Izard, Author of The Hundred Story Home

Mrs. DeCamilla and I had the pleasure of attending a talk on October 1st entitled “Trust the Whisper” given by Kathy Izard, author of The Hundred Story Home. Kathy Izard’s book is an inspiring story of the pilot program she launched to help the homeless in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she autographed a copy of her book: “To the students and faculty of Brunswick High School ~ Dream Big and Do Good!” Check out a copy in the Library! ~Mrs. Jerome

Results of the Class of 2023 Orientation Survey!

Check back soon for results of the Freshman Class Orientation Surveys!

Find This Week’s Most Popular Books at the Kiosk!

Which book has been on Amazon’s Most Sold Chart for 101 Weeks? Which book is the #1 Most Read Book this Week? Find out by visiting the new Kiosk in the Library which links to the websites for the New York Times Best Sellers and Amazon Charts of Most Books Sold and Most Books Read each week! You can also check them out here!

Mr. Clark’s Class Researching American Revolutionary War Battles

It was wonderful to work with Mr. Clark’s US History and Government class researching American Revolutionary War Battles using only books, both print and digital. The class enjoyed exploring the History section in the BHS Library and discovered that millions of books are also available online! ~Mrs. Jerome

Claude Bonang’s Treasures of Local History

Claude Bonang with 3 of his autographed booklets in the BHS Library

The BHS Library is pleased to have acquired 3 publications by local historian, musician and artisan Claude Bonang! In addition to Memories in Verse, the retired Brunswick High School Biology teacher has written the following booklets filled with wonderful local lore: Anecdotes Involving Brunswick High School, Brunswick’s Town Hall and Railroad Stations, and Anecdotes Involving Bowdoin College. Stop by the Library to enjoy a glimpse into Brunswick’s treasured history!

Inspired to Create a Fairy Garden!

Aidan, Sarah, Brycen and Sophia with the fairy garden they created this fall

One of my favorite hobbies is gardening and creating miniature fairy gardens, and when the Life Skills class was sharing interests during a visit to the Library this fall, they loved the idea of creating a miniature fairy garden together! We had a wonderful time making something beautiful out of many materials, including stones, shells, wood, and moss. ~Mrs. Jerome

A fairy garden I enjoyed making this summer (left), and a close-up of the fun fairy garden we made this fall!

1st Meeting if the Dragon Challenge Literary Society!

Scenes from Spirit Week at BHS!

Scenes in the Library during Spirit Week: Tyler on Throwback Tuesday, Shawn on Orange & Black Friday, and Tyler and Samir on Mismatch Wednesday! The Spirit of the Dragon is always wonderful to see!

Beautiful Flowers from the BHS Dragon Gardens!

Mrs. DeCamilla beautifully arranged some of the flowers grown in the BHS Dragon Gardens to be displayed around the school. Fourteen BHS students worked in the garden all summer growing vegetables and flowers. The sunflowers, zinnias, phlox, cosmos, and snapdragons are a welcoming and joyful sign of the beauty all around us!

Welcome to our New BHS Library Staff!

A warm Dragon welcome to our new BHS Library staff, Mrs. DeCamilla, Library Assistant (left), and Mr. DeSimio, Library/AV Assistant! We look forward to a wonderful school year! Please let us know how we can help your experience at BHS be even more rewarding! We’re here to support you with a dynamic learning environment and a variety of valuable resources, including great books, technology, a Makerspace, a TV studio, and research databases! ~Mrs. Jerome

Here’s to a magical year in the BHS Library! May we find great books to read and share, and discover more about the world and ourselves through research and making! Welcome BHS Class of 2023!

Congratulations to Mrs. Kirkpatrick on her Retirement!

Thank you for 21 years of dedicated service making the BHS Library such a valuable resource to students and teachers! And, remember, librarians don’t retire, they just enjoy the next chapter of their story! We’ll miss you! ~Mrs. Jerome

Relax before Finals in the Library’s new Nature Nook!

AFTER: Students are welcome to enjoy the Nature Nook any time the classroom is not being used. The purpose of this space is for students to be able to take break from their work, and relax or de-stress. Thank you to Sarah Belling ’19 for creating this special space for the Library and the BHS Wellness PLG! ~Mrs. Jerome

DURING: Senior Sarah Belling designed the Nature Nook for her Art Honor Society project.

BEFORE: This was the little nook in the Library Classroom before it became the Nature Nook!


Check Out Your Teachers’ Favorite Books!

BHS Teachers & Staff ~ Favorite Books!

Mr. Farrell had a hard time choosing just a few, so he gets his OWN SHELF!

BEFORE this year’s Book Shifting Project ~ Making Room for “Faculty Faves”, “Student Found Treasures” and “New York Times & Amazon Bestsellers” (For awhile, with all of the empty shelves, it looked a bit like the BHS Library had a Book Thief!) 

AFTER: Thanks to our awesome parent volunteer Marcy Holmblad who helped shift the ENTIRE fiction collection, as well as the Manga, Reference, and College & Career sections this year to make room for this special area! Students, add your own favorite books to the “Student Found Treasures” shelves!

Please take our 2019 BHS Library Survey!

Stop by the Library and take our 2019 Survey! Leave your survey in the blue box at the Circulation Desk!        Please help us make the BHS Library a more valuable resource to you!