Scheduling Classes

Any teacher may schedule one or more of his/her classes to use the library by notifying the librarian no later than 3:00 P.M. on the day prior to bringing the class(es). The teacher should indicate what the class assignment will be and what types of information and materials will be needed.

You may wish to bring a class to the library for one of the following (or other) reasons:

  •  instruction on the use of various library resources relating to the subject currently being studied

  •  to begin research on term papers or individual or group research projects assigned

  •  to select a topic for study, to explore available resources, and to make preliminary bibliographies

  •  to select books for book reports or supplemental reading

  •  book talks by the librarian on contemporary novels or other literature

  • to learn how to use various online reference databases

  •  to learn how to use specialized reference materials, both print and online, related to the subject area being studied

  •  to gather information for oral reports, panel discussions or debates

  •  to evaluate periodicals relating to your curriculum area, to analyze the contents of a magazine, or to report on an article of interest.

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