Animal Farm WebQuest: an Online Scavenger Hunt!




1. Who was the “Absolute Ruler” of Russia at the start of WWI?

2. What was life in Russia like after WWI?

3. Czar Nicholas and Alexandria’s son Alexei suffered from what disease?

4. What is the name of the mystic monk who became a close friend of Czar Nicholas and his wife Alexandria?

5. What year did the Russian Revolution take place?

6. What happened during the Bread Riot of February 1917?

7. After Czar Nicholas II abdicated the throne, what government took over? Who led this government?

8. Which Party took over after the Russian Revolution?

9. Who did the Bolsheviks choose as the new leader of Russia?

10. What did Lenin change Russia’s name to?

11. What were the purges and which Bolshevik leader was responsible for them? How many people died in the purges?

12. Who was called the “Whites” and who was called the “Reds” and made up the “Red” Army? 

13. Who is known as the Father of Communism?

14. Who was the leader of the Russian Revolt who wanted to replace Lenin after his death?

15. Where did Karl Marx spent much of his time reading and writing?

16. What was the idea behind Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto?

17. Under this system, most businesses are controlled and owned by the government:

18. Under this system, businesses are operated by the public for the benefit of all:

19. What was the official newspaper of the Communist party, established by Russian workers in 1912?

20. What is the name of the feared Bolshevik secret police?

21. What eventually happened to Nicholas II, Alexandria and all of their children?

22. Which Bolshevik leader was seriously injured in an assassination attempt in 1918?

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