Climate Change: You’re the Teacher!

Climate Change: You’re the Teacher!

You’re the Teacher! 

Climate Change

Create a Google Slide Presentation

Academic Geophysical Science

Mr. Stocker, March 2021


  1. You will work in conjunction with a partner. However!! You will be graded on your work and your partner will be graded on their own work.
  2. You and your partner will divide the workload. At least six slides per person, for a minimum of 12 slides per presentation.
  3. You will not be required to present in front of your class. Each presentation must be shared with Mr. Stocker and will be graded on the criteria below:
  • Each slide must have the author’s name in the upper right corner of the slide.
  • Each slide must have at least one source citing the information contained within the slide (valid, factual, scientific, educational sites only!)
  •  Important Note: this presentation is strictly science and fact based – I am not interested in your opinion.
  • Your presentation must be organized as follows: (think of it as an essay)
    • First Slide: Statement of Question (problem)
    • Next 10 slides (minimum) is to be the body of your lesson. It should flow logically so the audience can be led from the problem, through the supporting knowledge and end with a conclusion or a summary of important points.
    • The body of the slide show can include images, very brief video links, diagrams and graphs.
    • Last slide: conclusion and/or a summary of important points.
    • Effort will be gauged by the depth of coverage, the organization and the creativity with which you present your material.

Best Resources for Scientific Research!

Tip #1: Use the PowerSearch (search bar at the top), Academic Search Premier (first database), the Science databases (Click on Science on the left) and Google News (Click on Newspapers on the left). Tip #2: Use the Advanced Search feature and try different keywords.

Tip: Search through 30+ million books at Google Books and read for free online! Sort by DATE at the top, and Look for Books with a “Preview”. Google Books also gives you the citations for books!

Tip: Use Noodle Tools to create easy citations in APA format, which is the citation format for Sciences!

Tip: Be sure to use very CURRENT sources for a topic like Climate Change.


You’re the Teacher

Google Slide Presentation

Topics for Research




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