Intro for Teachers

Along with the many responsibilities that you the classroom teacher shoulder, studies have repeatedly shown that you are the major factor affecting the use that students make of the school library.  If you value and use the library, your students will value and use it.  As I hope our web site will indicate, the library staff is committed to being a vital part of a team effort to see that library resources are an integral part of the curriculum.  It is only through
the joint efforts and cooperation of teachers and the library staff that the fullest benefits of library service can be extended to students at every level.  Hopefully this web site will explain some basics about using the library as well as introduce you to some services that we can offer you and your students.

Within the constraints of time, budget, staff size and conflicting obligations, the library staff will do its best to provide as much assistance to as many users as possible.  We will be glad to consider suggestions from you about how we can improve the library program, especially in the area of service to you.  Please visit the library whenever you can.  You are
always welcome.

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