It is the intent of the Brunswick High School Library staff to operate according to the established policy of the Brunswick School Department and to adhere to the provisions of the federal copyright law in the use of all materials subject to such laws.  Though  there continues to be controversy regarding the interpretation of such laws, particularly in the area of audiovisual and computer software use, our procedure represents a sincere effort to operate legally.

In an effort to discourage violation of copyright laws and to prevent such illegal activities
the library staff will:

  • Adhere to the provisions of Brunswick School Department policy on copyright and U.S. codes regarding copying of print and non-print materials, including computer software.

  • Accept the guidelines for fair use as stated by the Ad Hoc Committee on Copyright Law Revision.

  • Provide information to staff and students to assist them in understanding the copyright law and fair use guidelines.

  • Insofar as possible permit staff and students to make or use only legal copies of copyrighted materials on school equipment for which we are responsible.  We recognize that each individual is ultimately responsible for his/her actions.

Information about copyright and the fair use guidelines may be found at this University of Maryland University College site.

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