Loan of Materials

Student Information
Circulating books – 3 weeks
Reference books – overnight, if they circulate, or by individual arrangement with the library staff
Reserve books – overnight, unless otherwise indicated
Magazines (back issues only) – 1 week
Newspapers (back issues only) – 1 week
Audiovisual materials – overnight
Supplies (scissors, glue sticks, protractors, etc.) – 1 period
Calculators – overnight
Audiovisual equipment – overnight, or by individual arrangement with the library staff

Teacher Information
Teachers are encouraged to borrow materials from the library for use in their classrooms,
for teaching preparation at home, or for personal enjoyment. All materials should be checked out if they are going to be taken from the library even for “just a moment”.

Please plan to sign out library materials in person if at all possible. For your protection we request that you do not send students to borrow materials for you unless you send a signed request or telephone us.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for materials signed out in your name. As with students we will request you pay for any library materials you lose.

Loan of Equipment Outside of School
Audiovisual and other equipment may be borrowed by BHS teachers, staff and students only for school assignments and curriculum work, not for personal use.  Brief training on the use of some equipment may be required.  Students and teachers must complete and return a signed permission form in advance of borrowing audiovisual equipment for use off school grounds.

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