Tech Tools!

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Integrate Technology with these Awesome *Free* Sites!

Powtoon – Easily create animated presentations, great for student projects

(Previously used by Mr. Riggleman’s Film Class)


TinkerCADEasy to use 3D design software. Creations can be 3D Printed.

(Used by Mr. Clarke’s Engineering Classes, Mr. Williams’ Sculpting Class, Ms. Kirk’s Biology Class, and individual students on their own time)



Strata Sculpt3D – Mold virtual clay, or import and modify- 3D Print the result!

(Used by Ms. Kirk’s Biology Class)



ThingiverseSearch for and download 3D Designs to be modified or printed!

(Used by Ms. Kirk’s Biology Class, Mr. Williams’ Sculpting Class, and by the general student population)


ArcGIS – Powerful Mapping Presentation Software

Integrate information into a multitude of detailed maps

Perfect For Projects With  A Strong Geographic Component

Story Map Examples

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