Senior British Research Paper!

Senior British Research Paper – BHS Class of 2018!


Tip #1 Be Curious! “I Wonder…”

There are 130 trillion web pages searchable on Google, and 2 million articles published each day on the web!  Check out Worldometers!

Tip #2 Browse and Dig Deeper to get Inspired! 

List of Cultural Icons of England

Culture of the United Kingdom

Timeline of British History

Tip #3 Search Images, News, Videos and Books too! Use TOOLS to change the time period of your search results.

Google Images can lead you to quality websites or primary sources.

Google News gives you links to up-to-the-minute articles from over 50,000 news sources worldwide back to 2003 (use TOOLS to go to the Archives).

Google News is a great place to get keywords and ideas for research!

To search for newspaper articles before 2003 (back to the 1800’s), use this search:

Google Books gives us access to over 30 million books that have been scanned by Google!google books

Tip #4 Advanced Google Hack – Use Google Advanced Search!

example: Researching the theory that Jack the Ripper was a woman

Tip #5: This may be the most important tip! Put your search terms in QUOTES and add interesting KEYWORDS to your Google search…example “secret”, “top 10”, etc.

Tip #6 Use a VARIETY of Sources for your Research

Did you know…

“According to a study published in Nature, Google indexes no more than 16 percent of the surface Web and misses all of the Deep Web. Any given search turns up just 0.03 percent of the information that exists online (one in 3,000 pages). It’s like fishing in the top two feet of the ocean—you miss the virtual Mariana Trench below.”

Go Fishing in the Deep Web!Academic Search Complete

Search Academic Search Complete at MARVEL!

You can also search for Primary Sources at Academic Search Complete by choosing document type!

Tip #7: Try the other Databases at BHS!

TimesSearch The Times Digital Archive 1785 – 2008 

Tip #8 Don’t forget about your local resources:

Search for books in the BHS Library…we have about 25,000 books!

You can also borrow books through MaineCat, which gives you access to 4.6 million books in over 100 libraries in Maine, including the Bowdoin College library, and the University of Maine System.

Tip #9  Make sure every sources passes the CRAAP Test!

ALWAYS make sure your source not only has an author, but has a credible or authoritative author.

Citing your sources in MLA format is easy at EasyBib!

How to cite a book from Google Books:

Burnett, William. Classic American Sports Cars. New York: Scribner & Sons, 2012. Google Book Search. Web. 3 January 2018.

New RULES for MLA 8th Edition can be found HERE.

Interesting British Literary Sites:

The British Library: Themes in Romantic & Victorian Literature

British Library Timeline of English Literature

Tip #10 Remember to be curious!

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