Overdues and Fines

Procedures regarding overdue, lost or damaged books

  • Students are not charged fines for overdue books. 
  • Students and/or their families/caregivers will be sent at least two reminder notices once an item becomes overdue. After 4 weeks, an overdue item will be considered lost and a bill for the replacement cost will be issued.
  • A second bill may be sent at the end of the school year.
  • At the high school level, full borrowing privileges are restored when a student pays for a lost or damaged item or makes installment payments toward the replacement cost as agreed to with the librarian.
  • If a student continues to lose, damage, or not pay for lost library materials, the student may be limited in the number of items the student may check out of the library.
  • Students with overdue library items, or with an outstanding bill for a lost or damaged item, will not lose access to the library or the library collection, but may be limited in the number of items they may borrow from the library.
  • Having an outstanding bill for a lost or damaged item from the previous school year will not prevent a student from having full library privileges.
  • The bill for a lost or damaged item may be paid with cash or check. The individual school librarians may or may not accept a replacement copy rather than payment for the item; please check first with the librarian.
  • Replacement cost will factor in age, condition, and availability of the lost item.
  • Once a lost or damaged item is paid for, it becomes the property of the family unless the item is returned in good condition within three weeks of payment.
  • Parents/caregivers are encouraged to speak directly with the librarian regarding replacements costs.
  • Librarians may seek funding for replacement costs for materials from other sources as available or necessary.
  • Students who have lost materials may be given the option of arranging payment by working in the library. Please see the librarian for more information.
  • Fines: a fine of $1.00 per school day up to a maximum of $4.00 will be charged on the following overdue items: videos and graphing calculators.




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