Services Available

Teacher/Student Services

Reference  help                     finding information for a class or to pursue your  own interests

Research help                       locating and assembling information for research projects

Citing sources                      using the MLA format to cite sources or assemble a paper

Reading guidance              finding a good book to read

Interlibrary loan                borrowing materials from another library for you when our
library does not have what you need

Reserving materials         reserving items for you that are signed out by other users

Photocopying                       photocopies are available at $.10 per copy; free copies are made from items that you cannot check out of the library

Production tools                 provision of paper cutters, three-hole punch, letter cutter, regular, heavy-duty, and long-reach staplers

Media retrieval system   broadcast of videos to your classroom monitor

ID cards                                 replacement of ID cards

Training/lessons                teaching you how to use the online library catalog, online  databases and resources and using various reference books, etc.

Equipment training          training in the use of the library’s audiovisual and computer equipment as needed

Production services
   Spiral binding

Video editing and production       training in and assistance with video recording, editing and production work

Teacher Only Services
Reserve collections            setting up collections of library materials that are reserved for use by particular classes doing research assignments

Book ordering                      ordering books for your personal or professional use at our library discounted rate through an approved staff account

Bibliographies                     creating bibliographies of library materials and online resources for your classes

Assembling collections    setting up collections of books for use by your classes in the library or in your classroom

Bulletin board letters       making block letters for your use in displays or on bulletin board

Off-air videorecording     videotaping television programs off-air for use in
instructional settings in accordance with the copyright law

Audiovisual supplies         provision of reasonable amounts of various audiovisual
supplies for your use in your classroom including:
transparencies (write-on and photocopier)
overhead marking pens
overhead transparency rolls

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