Junior Research Paper – Shaping American Culture

Junior Research Paper ~ A Person, Event, Site, or Invention that has Influenced or Shaped American Culture


Smithsonian’s 100 Most Significant Americans of all Time

50 Important Events in American History

99 Historical Sites Every American Should See

American Inventions over the past 20o Years

Book Sources

Search for books in the BHS Library…we have about 25,000 books!


google books

The goal of the Google Books Project is to scan every book in existence in the world. Over 30 million books have been scanned and are available for browsing and reading. Only books with a PREVIEW can be read. Since the pages are scanned, information cannot by copied and pasted from the Google Books website.




News Sources


Google News is a computer-generated news service providing headlines and links to articles from over 50,000 news sources worldwide.


Use the arrow on the right to open the advanced search features in Google News, choose a specific source such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR (National Public Radio) and also search news back to 2003.

news search

Search the New York Times “Times Machine” back to 1861


(you’ll need to login first on the upper right of site: username: mkirkpatrick@brunswick.k12.me.us password: dragons15)

Citing Sources

Citing your sources in MLA format is easy at EasyBib!

How to cite a book from Google Books:

Burnett, William. Classic American Sports Cars. Scribner & Sons, 2012. Google Book Search. Web. 6 April 2017.

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