Beautiful Flowers from the BHS Dragon Gardens!

Mrs. DeCamilla beautifully arranged some of the flowers grown in the BHS Dragon Gardens to be displayed around the school. Fourteen BHS students worked in the garden all summer growing vegetables and flowers. The sunflowers, zinnias, phlox, cosmos, and snapdragons are a welcoming and joyful sign of the beauty all around us!

Welcome to our New BHS Library Staff!

A warm Dragon welcome to our new BHS Library staff, Mrs. DeCamilla, Library Assistant (left), and Mr. DeSimio, Library/AV Assistant! We look forward to a wonderful school year! Please let us know how we can help your experience at BHS be even more rewarding! We’re here to support you with a dynamic learning environment and a variety of valuable resources, including great books, technology, a Makerspace, a TV studio, and research databases! ~Mrs. Jerome

Here’s to a magical year in the BHS Library! May we find great books to read and share, and discover more about the world and ourselves through research and making! Welcome BHS Class of 2023!

Congratulations to Mrs. Kirkpatrick on her Retirement!

Thank you for 21 years of dedicated service making the BHS Library such a valuable resource to students and teachers! And, remember, librarians don’t retire, they just enjoy the next chapter of their story! We’ll miss you! ~Mrs. Jerome

Relax before Finals in the Library’s new Nature Nook!

AFTER: Students are welcome to enjoy the Nature Nook any time the classroom is not being used. The purpose of this space is for students to be able to take break from their work, and relax or de-stress. Thank you to Sarah Belling ’19 for creating this special space for the Library and the BHS Wellness PLG! ~Mrs. Jerome

DURING: Senior Sarah Belling designed the Nature Nook for her Art Honor Society project.

BEFORE: This was the little nook in the Library Classroom before it became the Nature Nook!


Check Out Your Teachers’ Favorite Books!

BHS Teachers & Staff ~ Favorite Books!

Mr. Farrell had a hard time choosing just a few, so he gets his OWN SHELF!

BEFORE this year’s Book Shifting Project ~ Making Room for “Faculty Faves”, “Student Found Treasures” and “New York Times & Amazon Bestsellers” (For awhile, with all of the empty shelves, it looked a bit like the BHS Library had a Book Thief!) 

AFTER: Thanks to our awesome parent volunteer Marcy Holmblad who helped shift the ENTIRE fiction collection, as well as the Manga, Reference, and College & Career sections this year to make room for this special area! Students, add your own favorite books to the “Student Found Treasures” shelves!

Please take our 2019 BHS Library Survey!

Stop by the Library and take our 2019 Survey! Leave your survey in the blue box at the Circulation Desk!        Please help us make the BHS Library a more valuable resource to you!


See what You can Make in The STREAM Lab, the Library’s Makerspace!

Winter Carnival Harry Potter Escape Room in the Library!

These 2 groups solved puzzles and challenges to find the 7 Horcruxes that led to the final puzzle to escape the Harry Potter Escape Room! No Muggles here! Impressive!

Thanks to Chris and Anna for Assisting with the Escape Room!

A big thanks to Library Assistants Chris McCrum and Anna Carpenter for their assistance with the Harry Potter Escape Room! Their creative ideas, challenging puzzles, and props helped make the Library’s Winter Carnival activity a success!

Orange & Black Day during Winter Carnival 2019!

Look for LGBT+ Stickers on Fiction Books with LGBT+ Characters!

Have you ever wanted to find fiction books with LGBT characters? Now, fiction books with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered characters have rainbow spine labels that make them easy to find on the fiction shelves!

PRIDE, Brunswick High School’s Gay Straight Transgender Alliance, promoting LGBT fiction with new LGBT+ spine label stickers in the BHS Library! Thanks to PRIDE for identifying the books and putting on the spine labels!


Check out the Library’s “Discreet Section” in Collaboration with PRIDE!

Did you know there’s a secret “Discreet Section” in the back of the Library with nonfiction LGBT books that may be borrowed without having to check them out at the Circulation Desk? Feel free to take any book from this collection, and just return it when you’re finished. Thank You PRIDE, Brunswick High School’s Gay Straight Transgender Alliance, for helping to select books and promote the “Discreet Section”!

3D Print a Project in the Library’s Makerspace!

Riley with the 3D Apple Watch charging stand he printed in the Library’s Makerspace, the STREAM Lab. Talk to AV Library Assistant Mr. Gould to schedule a time to use the 3D printer!

Gelato Fiasco’s Josh Davis at BHS Library for Book Signing!

Gelato Fiasco Co-Founder Josh Davis signing the BHS Library’s copy of Galato Fiasco’s new recipe book on December 17th! Josh shared industry insights and inspiration with two classes and brought delicious holiday gelato!

Josh Davis and Food Science teacher Mrs. Selberg scooping gelato! Josh gave a wonderful talk to Mrs. Selberg’s Food Science class and Mr. Farrell’s Business Math class.

Students trying gelato flavors Molasses Peppermint Stick and Gingerbread House!

Bennett and Cam enjoying gelato from Gelato Fiasco!

Fandom Club’s Trip to Barnes & Noble on December 4th!

Melissa Orth (Teen Librarian at Curtis Library) and I had a wonderful time with Fandom Club members (and other book lovers!) as students selected books for the BHS Library! I love this annual trip with such awesome students! ~Mrs. Jerome

Film Class Zooming with former Library Ed Tech from California

Mr. Riggleman’s class was excited to use Zoom to talk to former BHS Ed Tech Peter Jacobs, who is working as an extra in films in California. Peter described the 30 foot by 30 foot blue screens moved around on cranes for different backgrounds in the movie Ford v. Ferrari with Matt Damon and Christian Bale. We’ll be hoping to spot Peter as an extra in that movie in 2019!

Peter Jacobs as an extra in an episode of Gray’s Anatomy!

Security Gate Being Removed from the Library Entrance

BHS Custodians Brad Frye and Brian Thibeault removing the Library’s security gate in December. The gate was no longer working, and was not repairable. The result is a more open and welcoming Library!

See what YOU can make in the Library’s Makerspace!

Will Haas with the Arc de Triomphe he built with a Lego Architecture kit made up of 386 pieces!