Modern Euro 1st Quarter Homework

Tuesday, 9/1-Wednesday, 9/2: we discussed introductory material; homework was to bring in signed Letter to Parents and Classroom Grading System and to complete your poster using the Who Am I Poster Guidelines

Thursday, 9/3-Friday, 9/4: we discussed some current events; we shared our Who Am I Posters; we read and discussed In Support of Clio and Knowing History and Knowing Who We Are – McCullough; we took notes using the Medieval Life Presentation; homework is to complete the How the Pope Got His Political Muscle reading and writing activity.

Tuesday, 9/8-Wednesday, 9/9: we read the St. Symeon the Stylite; we discussed the Rise of Islam notes; we used books and computers to complete the Crusades Research, citing our sources using the Chicago Style Guide

Thursday, 9/10-Friday, 9/11: we read the 9-11 Info Sheet aloud; we watched the 9-11 Video; we worked in groups to examine primary and secondary sources on 9-11, using the Source Evaluation Sheet for Euro (information for each of the four stations is listed below):

9-11 Group 1: Personal Narratives – stories can be heard at 9-11 Stories
9-11 Group 2: Photographs: 2nd plane; 2nd tower explosion; building collapse; Bush learns of 9-11; injured firemen; pentagon; rubble; United Airlines Flight 93 – PA
9-11 Group 3: Official Policies: Authorization for use of military force; President Obama’s remarks on death of Osama Bin Laden; Statement by President Bush in His Address to the Nation; The Last Night
9-11 Group 4: Biographies: George W Bush Biography; Operatives Biographies; Osama Bin Laden Biography; Rudy Guiliani Biography

homework is to complete the 9-11 Interview Guidelines

Monday, 9/14-Tuesday, 9/15: we reviewed our 9-11 interviews; we completed an activity using the 9-11 Commission Report Handout; homework is to read the Hundred Years’ War handout and Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years’ War readings and complete the Hundred Years’ War Timeline using the Timeline Events Handout

Wednesday, 9/16-Thursday, 9/17: we reviewed and handed in the Hundred Years’ War Timeline; we discussed the Black Plague Presentation; we worked in groups to complete the Black Death Economics Activity; homework was to complete the Boccaccio Decameron reading

Friday, 9/18-Monday, 9/21: we worked in groups in class to review the information on the Unit 1 Content Quiz Study Guide; homework is to study this list for our first quiz

Tuesday, 9/22-Wednesday, 9/23: we took our content quiz in class; homework is to complete the Italy Birthplace of the Renaissance Reading PDF

Thursday, 9/24-Friday, 9/25: we discussed some current events; we discussed the Ren – Intro Presentation; we worked on our RenManWmn Research Guidelines in class (students were randomly assigned individuals from the RenManWmn Cut Outs); homework is to complete the research not completed in class (students were requested to make sure they have a good working knowledge of their individual as they will be taking on the role of this individual next class as part of an activity)

Monday, 9/28-Tuesday, 9/29: we discussed some current events; we discussed the Ren – Humanism Presentation; we completed the Humanism Character Discussion activity, role-playing the individual we researched; homework is to label, color, and study the Europe 1500 Blank Map using the Europe 1500 Labeled Map and the Renaissance Map Activity  (we will have a map quiz next class) and to complete one of the Humanism readings: Erasmus Praise of Folly, Petrarch Letter to Posterity, or Rabelais Gargantua and Pantagruel (randomly assigned to different students)

Wednesday, 9/30-Thursday, 10/1: we completed our Renaissance Map Quiz; we discussed the Italian Ren Art Presentation; we started watching “Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting: The Age of Genius” and taking notes using the Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting – The Age of Genius notes sheets; no homework assigned – use this time to complete any incomplete homework

Friday, 10/2-Monday, 10/5: we discussed the Northern Renaissance Art Presentation; we finished watching Sister Wendy; homework is to prepare for a quiz next class using the Renaissance Art Quiz Study List

Here is the MFA Permission Slip – please be sure to have it signed by a parent or guardian and return it with the $35 by Friday, October 23rd. Scholarships are available – please let me know!

Tuesday, 10/6-Wednesday, 10/7: we completed our Renaissance Art quiz; we individually read the The Northern Renaissance Reading silently and completed the The Northern Renaissance Reading Matching; we started working on our Make Your Own Test Template using the information in the Modern Euro Make Your Own Test Guidelines; students who have their own computers may wish to bring them to work on the test next class

Here’s the link to the Google Docs version of the template.

Thursday, 10/8-Tuesday, 10/13: we worked on our typed rough drafts in class; homework was to print out the rough draft, hand write the answers in, and have someone proofread and sign this copy

Wednesday, 10/14-Thursday, 10/15: we typed our final copies of our exams in class; homework is to study the study list for our 20-question multiple choice quiz next class; all three copies of the exam are due next class (hand-written rough draft; typed rough draft with hand-written answers with proofreading comments; typed final copy with hand-written answers); any outstanding homework assignments from this unit are due next class

Friday, 10/16-Monday, 10/19: we took our 20-question multiple choice quiz in class; we handed in all three copies of our exam after checking them against the Make Your Own Test Rubric; we worked in groups on the Reformation Mystery Guidelines, completing the Reformation Mystery Source Evaluation Sheets using the Reformation Sources; homework was to complete the Reformation Map Activity using the Europe 1500 Map and Europe 1500 Blank Map and to read and complete the Reformation Reading and Questions

Tuesday, 10/20-Wednesday, 10/21: we discussed some current events; we discussed the Challenges to the Church Presentation; we watched 20 minutes of the Luther movie; homework was to complete the Martin Luther After the Diet of Worms

Thursday, 10/22-Friday, 10/23: Mike Freysinger from the Maine Youth Court made a presentation to our class; we completed our Reformation Europe Map Quiz; we worked together on the How to Write Thesis Statements exercise; homework is to complete the 1st Quarter Portfolio Directions

Monday, 10/26-Tuesday, 10/27: we continued our discussion of the How to Write Thesis Statements exercise; we reviewed our History Mystery Solution Hypotheses and voted on the best one; homework was to complete the last section of the the How to Write Thesis Statements exercise (cause of Protestant Reformation thesis) and complete the 168-Hour Week plan

Wednesday, 10/28-Thursday, 10/29: Assisted Study Hall; homework is to complete the Tudor Dynasty Begins Questions using the The Tudor Dynasty Begins presentation

Friday, 10/30: we reviewed the 168-Hour Week plan and the Protestant Reformation thesis statements; we discussed the 2015 Voting Information: Voter Information ReadingPew Political Typology Quiz, and Ballot Questions; homework is to complete one of the Henry VIII and Wives readings (randomly handed out): 1 Henry VIII – Catherine of Aragon, 2 Henry VIII – Anne Boleyn, 3 Henry VIII – Jane Seymour, 4 Henry VIII – Anne of Cleves, 5 Henry VIII – Kathryn Howard, or 6 Henry VIII – Katherine Parr