Mrs. Dumont’s Honors Biology Students Doing an Experiment in the Library

cam austin josh

Cam, Austin and Josh stopped by the Library to do an experiment for their Honors Biology class. They are testing various items around the school for bacteria. They swabbed one of the computer keyboards, and are letting the sample grow in a Petri dish. We’ll find out in a couple of days how much bacteria is on a computer keyboard in the Library!

Cam placing the bacteria sample from a keyboard in a Petri dish

UPDATE: The results are in from the AP Biology testing of bacteria around the school. As it turns out, quite a bit of bacteria was detected on a library keyboard. In fact, the keyboard had more bacteria than a stairwell railing, a bathroom pass and a water fountain handle! It’s good to know lots of students are using the library computers, and we’ll be sure to sanitize them! There are also 2 hand sanitizer dispensers in the Library, so please be sure to use them!

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