PrepUS History 1st Quarter Homework

Tuesday, 9/1-Wednesday, 9/2: we discussed introductory material; homework was to bring in signed Letter to Parents and Classroom Grading System and to complete your poster using the Who Am I Poster Guidelines

Thursday, 9/3-Friday, 9/4: we discussed some current events; we took notes using the Exploration and Settlement Presentation Handout and the Exploration and Settlement Presentation; homework is to label and color the Blank 13 Colonies Map using the Labeled 13 Colonies Map and the 13 Colonies Map Activity Guidelines; study this map for a map quiz next class

Tuesday, 9/8-Wednesday, 9/9: we discussed some current events; we took notes using the Northern Colonies Presentation and the Northern Colonies Handout; we worked in groups to read the The Middle Colonies Reading and the The Southern Colonies Reading and then complete the Where Would You Live chart; homework was to complete the Study Guide (must collect copy from class crate)

Thursday, 9/10-Friday, 9/11: we read the 9-11 Info Sheet aloud; we watched the 9-11 Video; we worked in groups to examine primary and secondary sources on 9-11, using the Source Evaluation Sheets (information for each of the four stations is listed below):

9-11 Group 1: Personal Narratives – stories can be heard at 9-11 Stories
9-11 Group 2: Photographs: 2nd plane; 2nd tower explosion; building collapse; Bush learns of 9-11; injured firemen; pentagon; rubble; United Airlines Flight 93 – PA
9-11 Group 3: Official Policies: Authorization for use of military force; President Obama’s remarks on death of Osama Bin Laden; Statement by President Bush in His Address to the Nation; The Last Night
9-11 Group 4: Biographies: George W Bush Biography; Operatives Biographies; Osama Bin Laden Biography; Rudy Guiliani Biography

homework is to complete the 9-11 Interview Guidelines

Monday, 9/14-Tuesday, 9/15: we reviewed the 9-11 interviews we completed as homework; we completed an activity using the 9-11 Commission Report Handout; homework is to complete the The French and Indian War

Wednesday, 9/16-Thursday, 9/17: we had an Assisted Study Hall Guidelines; homework was to complete the Sound the Drums Questions (reading must be picked up in class crate)

Friday, 9/18-Monday, 9/21: we worked on our Study List for first quiz; homework is to complete this study guide and study it for a quiz next class

Tuesday, 9/22-Wednesday, 9/23: we took our content quiz in class; we began taking notes on the Road to Revolution Notes Handout using the Road to Revolution Presentation (we will finish this next class); homework is to complete the Tales of Two Adamses Reading and Tales of Two Adamses Questions and to get the Patriot Permission Slip signed by a parent/guardian so you can watch the movie next class

Thursday, 9/24-Friday, 9/25: we finishedthe Road to Revolution Presentation we started last class; we began watching The Patriot and completing the The Patriot Movie Questions; homework is to complete the Declaration of Independence Reading and Questions

Monday, 9/28-Tuesday, 9/29: we completed the The American Revolution Begins Handout using the The American Revolution Begins Presentation; we continued watching The Patriot; homework is to complete the The War for Independence Reading Part 1

Wednesday, 9/30-Thursday, 10/1: we completed the The American Revolution Ends Handout using the The American Revolution Ends Presentation; we continued watching The Patriot; homework is to complete the The War for Independence Reading Part 2

Friday, 10/2-Monday, 10/5: we finished watching The Patriot; homework is to complete the matching section of the PrepUS Make Your Own Test Guidelines – here is a template for typing: Make Your Own Test Template

Tuesday, 10/6-Wednesday, 10/7: we worked on our rough drafts in class; homework was to complete the rough draft of our exams, write the answers in, and have someone proofread and sign this copy

Thursday, 10/8-Tuesday, 10/13: we worked on our final copies of our exams in class; homework is to study the study list for our 20-question multiple choice quiz next class; both copies of the exam are due next class (hand-written rough draft with answers; final copy with hand-written answers); any outstanding homework assignments from this unit are due next class

Wednesday, 10/14: PSATs – NO CLASS

Thursday, 10/15-Friday, 10/16: we took our 20-question multiple choice quiz in class; we handed in both copies of our exam after checking them against the Make Your Own Test Rubric; homework was to complete the The Articles of Confederation Reading

Monday, 10/19-Tuesday, 10/20: we completed the Entrance Slip; we discussed the AOC to Constitution Notes Sheet using the AOC to Constitution Presentation; we completed the AOC Reading Quiz Crossword; homework is to complete the The Constitution Is Formed Reading

Wednesday, 10/21-Thursday, 10/22: we reviewed our homework with the The Constitution Is Formed Reading Quiz; we worked together in class to complete the Legislative Branch Questions w-Chart using the Article 1 – Legislative Branch packet; homework was to complete the Running for Office activity and begin the 1st Quarter Portfolio Directions

Friday, 10/23-Monday, 10/26: we discussed the Voter Information ReadingPew Political Typology Quiz, and Ballot Questions; homework was to work on the Portfolio and any missing work

Tuesday, 10/27: Ms. Knowlton taught the class today: we discussed the Elections & Voting presentation

Wednesday, 10/28-Thursday, 10/29: we had an assisted study hall

Friday, 10/30 (Orange Day):we discussed the Elections & Voting presentation