Quarter 3 Syllabus

Junior Academic
The white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it.Sitting Bull

Puritan way of life

Read Chapters 1-4 of The Scarlet Letter

For DAY 2- Complete reading chapters 1-4 of The Scarlet Letter & Complete the study guide questions


Introduce Abby Willingham Narrative

The Scarlet Letter Quiz Chapters 1-4                                                     (R)

For DAY 3- Complete Freytag’s Summary for Abby Willingham story


Assign The Crucible

Read Act 1 of The Crucible

Abby Willingham Narrative

For DAY 4- Complete Act 1 of The Crucible & Complete Act 1 Study Guide


Act 1 Study Guide of The Crucible due                                                              (R)

Abby Willingham Freytag’s Pyramid Due                                                         (W)

Read Act 2 of The Crucible

For DAY 5- Complete Act 2 & CompleteThe Crucible Act 2 Study Guide


The Crucible Act 2 Study Guide due                                                                (R)

Read Act 3 of The Crucible


For DAY 6- Phrases Definitions & Complete Act 3 Study Guide


 The Crucible Act 3 Study Guide due                                                           (R)

Work on Abby Willingham Narrative

Phrase Practice(Phrases Definitions due)                                                 (L)

For DAY 7- Complete rough draft of Abby Willingham Narrative


The Crucible Act 3 Study Guide due                                                          (R)

First  Draft of  Abby Willingham Narrative due                                     (W)

Complete Reading The Crucible

Review Phrases

Read and Annotate “Letter From Birmingham Jail”

For DAY 8- Complete “Letter From Birmingham Jail”


“Letter From Birmingham Jail” Annotation due                                   (L)

The Crucible Exam

For DAY 9- Clause Practice & Read from Systemic Discrimination Book



Work on Abby Willingham Story

Read  “We May Be Brothers After All”

For DAY 10- Complete Reading “We May Be Brothers After All”   & Phrase/Clause Practice

DAY 10

Abby Willingham Story Due                                                                                   (W)

Clause Review (Clauses definitions due)                                                                (L)

For DAY 11-  Read pgs. 1-50 of Systemic Discrimination Book  

DAY 11

Review for Clause Phrase/Test           

For DAY 12- Read pgs. 51-75 of Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 12

Phrase/Clause Test                                                                                                  (L)

Read from Systemic Discrimination Book 

For DAY 13- Sentence Types Practice & Read pgs. 76-100 of Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 13

Sentence Types

Read from Systemic Discrimination Book

For DAY 14- Read pgs. 101-125 of Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 14

Sentence Types Quiz

Indigenous People Creation Myths 

For DAY 15- Read pgs. 126-150 of Systemic Discrimination Book & Complete Sentence Types Quiz

DAY 15

Indigenous People Creation Myths due                                                              (W)

Sentence Types Quiz due                                                                                        (L)

For DAY 16- Read pgs. 151-175 of Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 16

  African Creation Myths

For DAY 17- Read pgs. 176-200 of Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 17

African Creation Myths Questions due

Work on Systematic Discrimination Writing Response

For DAY 18-Read pgs. 201-250 of Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 18

Work on Systematic Discrimination Writing Response due                                 (W)

Read No Name Woman and annotate

SAT Practice

For DAY 19- Read pgs. 251-300 of Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 19

No Name Woman annotation due

SAT Practice

For DAY 20-  Complete reading Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 20

The Greensboro Four

SAT Practice

For DAY 21- Complete reading Systemic Discrimination Book

DAY 21

Watch:  On the Basis of Sex

For DAY 1 Quarter 4- Complete reading Systemic Discrimination Book

Quarter 3 Valued Assignments:

Reading (40%)                                   8

Writing (30%)                                     5

Speaking/Listening(20%)                2        

Language (10%)                                  8