The Crucible Act Two Study Guide

You are required to answer the following questions and submit them for a grade.  The questions appear in order to guide your understanding of the play.  The questions will be helpful to consider when you have reading quizzes over each Act.

You may choose to read along with The Crucible audio book.

1.  Why do Proctor and Elizabeth struggle to speak openly with each other when the act opens?
2.  Where has Marry Warren been?
3.  What did Mary Warren make for Elizabeth in court?
4.  What news does May Warren disclose that concerns Elizabeth and John Proctor?
5.  Why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem?
6.  Why does Reverend Hale visit the Proctor home?
7.  Why is Proctor angry with Reverend Parris?
8.  What commandment is Proctor unable to recall?
9.  How has Abigail Williams claimed that Elizabeth Proctor has harmed her?
10.  What does Cheever discover in the Proctor home?
11. Why does Francis Nurse arrive at the Proctor home?
12. What is Giles Corey upset about?
13. What happens to Elizabeth Proctor at the end of Act Two?