Quarter 2 Syllabus

Junior Academic English

“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.”ERNEST HEMINGWAY

Vocabulary 3 Review

Review pgs. 1-50 of The Road           Writing Response #1                               (R)

Discuss Themes relative to the Bill of Rights

For DAY 2- Study for Vocabulary 3 Test & Write Amendment Justification


Amendment Justification due                                                                                (S/L)

Legacy:  The Junior Research Paper

Vocabulary 3 Test                                                                                                      (L)

For DAY 3- Read pages 51-75 of THE ROAD & Annotate
AND Write List of Events


List of Events Due                                                                                                         (W)

Review The Road pages 51-75                                                                                    (R)

The Road Overview

For DAY 4- Read pages 76-100 of THE ROAD & Annotate


THE ROAD Overview Group Discussion                                                             (R)

Review Junior Research Paper Thesis Statement

For DAY 5- Read pages 101-125 of THE ROAD & Annotate


THE ROAD Overview Group Discussion                                                                            (R)

Introduce Rhetoric

Junior Research Paper Research

For DAY 6- Read pages 126-150 of THE ROAD & Annotate


THE ROAD Quiz   (84-150)                                                                       (R)

Junior Research Paper Research

Vocabulary 4

For DAY 7- Complete Vocabulary 4 & Read pages 151-175 of THE ROAD & Annotate


Vocabulary 4 due                                                                                                       (L)

Junior Research Paper Research

For DAY 8- Read pages 176-200 of THE ROAD & Annotate


Vocabulary 4 Review

Junior Research Paper Preparation                                                  

For DAY 9- Read pages 201-225 of THE ROAD & Annotate
AND Study for Vocabulary 4 Test


Vocabulary 4 Test                                                                                                       (L)

Junior Research Paper  Preparation

For DAY 10- Read pages 226-250 of THE ROAD & Annotate

DAY 10

The Road Test (pages 1-200)                                                                                     (R)

Junior Research Paper Preparation

For DAY 11- Write Junior Research Paper & Complete Reading THE ROAD & Annotate

DAY 11

Write Junior Research Paper

For DAY 12-Finish Reading The Road and Write Junior Research Paper

DAY 12

Read A Good Man is Hard to Find Complete Freytag’s Pyramid Structure

For DAY 13- Complete The Road Overview

DAY 13

The Road Overview due                                                                                           (R)

Assign The Road Essay

Writing Workshop:  The Road Essay

For DAY 14- The Road Essay due

DAY 14

Review A Good Man is Hard to Find

Write Junior Research Paper 

For DAY 15-Read The Cask of Amontillado  Complete Freytag’s Pyramid Structure

DAY 15

Subject/Verb Agreement

Short Story Terms

For DAY 16- Complete Junior Research Paper 

DAY 16

Junior Research Paper Due                                                                                     (W)

Subject Verb Agreement Practice due                                                                   (L)

Subject Verb Agreement Test                                                                                  (L)

Review The Cask of Amontillado 

For DAY 17-  Read A Perfect Day for Bananafish & For Esme’ with Love and Squalor & Complete Freytag’s Pyramid Structure

DAY 17

Review: A Perfect Day for Bananafish & For Esme’ with Love and Squalor         (R)

Read:  Silent Snow Secret Snow

Short Story Terms

For DAY 18- Complete Freytag’s Pyramid Structure

DAY 18

Review Silent Snow Secret Snow

Review for Mid Year Exam

For DAY 19- Read Group 4 Short Stories & Complete Freytag’s Pyramid Structure and Study for Mid-Year Exam

DAY 19

Short Story:  Freytag’s Pyramid Structure due for the assigned short stories            (R)

Short Story Terms

Mid Year Exam




Quarter 2 Valued Assignments:
Language (10%)                                 5
Speaking/Listening (20%)              4
Writing (30%)                                    3
Reading (40%)                                   10