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Welcome!  You have discovered what I anticipate is a necessary means of conveying information in respect to the task of providing my students with the best instruction in English that I can offer.  The challenge for me, as I expect for you as well, is on-going.  After all the learning process is not a self-initiated stroll of indulgence for many developing learners.  Placing one foot ahead of the other is a challenge for some students while engage learners seemingly breeze by appearing to command the path before them; the pace, of course, is predicated on the needs of the journeyer making my responsibility to challenge each student gratifying indeed.

This site, once you have learned to navigate the various features, should provide you with an intrinsic tool to maintain the course of learning English throughout the academic year or for parents, a means to assist your child.

Brunswick High School English Department Proficiency Standards

Chinese Student Institute