Summer Reading Station Eleven

Brunswick High School Honors English
Summer Reading Requirement

Greetings!  Your high school experience in English has just commenced.  You are required to read Station Eleven by Emily St. John prior to the start of your ninth grade academic year in honors English.  You are also required to annotate the novel.  The book that I have provided for you is yours to keep.    You will be at a significant disadvantage if you fail to complete the required reading and annotation when class begins in the fall.  The annotation/journal is an assignment designed to formulate your comprehension and analysis of the novel.  You are not required to submit your annotation/journal to me.  Thus your first important lesson is emphasized–your learning is most essential to you.

I also encourage you to become familiar with the class syllabus that is featured on this link  (  All of your lessons, assigned reading, and supporting instruction are represented on the syllabus.  Many of my current students maintain that using the digital syllabus is one of the foundations for their progress and success in ninth grade honors English.

When you complete reading the novel, as well as compiling the directed reading journal/annotation, you will have follow-up assignments as school resumes for your academic year in the fall.  Your first assignment requires you to select a compelling passage from the novel that you are prepared to discuss with your classmates. 

The assignments will be discussed in class.  The required work also appears on the class syllabus for the first quarter.

We’ll analyze the novel according to a  story structure adapted from Gustov Freytag’s pyramidal model.

We’ll also expand our understanding of the novel (and of each other) through class exchanges designed to provoke your insight according to the different cognitive learning skills conveyed through Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Our study of Station Eleven will conclude with an expository essay based on the theme derived from class discussions early in the first quarter of your ninth grade academic year at Brunswick High School.  I appreciate that this initial communication can be imposing, but I know how remarkable you are.  Read and enjoy the novel. You will then be prepared when we begin your learning journey with me.