Quarter 1 Syllabus

Freshmen Honors English
Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.
—Charles Dickens

Freshmen Honors Standards

Discuss Life of Pi Plot

FOR DAY 2:  Outline Pi’s plot according to Freytag’s model


Picture Day

Freytag’s plot structure
due                                                                                     (R)

Life of Pi Essential Questions

Vocabulary 1

FOR DAY 3:  Six Essential Questions & Complete Vocabulary 1


Vocabulary 1 due                                                                                                         (L)

Pi Essential Questions due                                                                                        (R)

Life of Pi Quotations

FOR DAY 4:  Read Life of Pi review and critique the critic


Review Vocabulary 1

Life of Pi critic’s critique due                                                                                   (W)

Discuss Life of Pi Review

Assign Life of Pi Essay

FOR DAY 5:  Compose a thesis for Life of Pi Essay & Study
for Vocabulary 1 Test


Thesis due                                                                                                                      (W)

Vocabulary 1 Test                                                                                                         (L)

Discuss Expository Essay

FOR DAY 6:  Read and annotate assign essays


Discuss Essay Types

Critique Assign Essays

FOR DAY 7:  Read and annotate assign essays & Complete Pi Essay


Life of Pi Essay due                                                                                                      (W)

Vocabulary 2

Prepare for Essay Facilitation

FOR DAY 8:  Complete Vocabulary 2 and Prepare for
Essay Facilitation


Vocabulary 2 Due                                                                                                       (L)

Prepare for Essay Facilitation

Parts of Speech Pretest                                                                                              (L)

FOR DAY 9:  Prepare for Essay Facilitation


Vocabulary 2 Review

Essay Facilitation   Group 1                                                                                     (R & S/L)

FOR DAY 10:  Parts of Speech Practice & Study for Vocabulary 2 Test

DAY 10

Vocabulary 2 Test                                                                                                       (L)

Essay Facilitation Group 2 & Group 3

FOR DAY 11:  Parts of Speech Practice

DAY 11

Conclude Essay Facilitation Groups 4 & Group 5

FOR DAY 12:  Parts of Speech Practice

DAY 12

Assign True Narrative Essay

Review for Nonfiction Exam

FOR DAY 13:  Study for Nonfiction Exam

DAY 13

Nonfiction Exam                                                                                                         (R& S/L)

Essay Annotations/Notes Due                                                                                  (R)

FOR DAY 14:  Parts of Speech Practice

DAY 14

Parts of Speech Review

Writing the True Narrative Essay

Read The Ledge

FOR DAY 15:  Prepare for P.O.S. Post test & Read News Report

DAY 15

Parts of Speech Practice due                                                                                   (L)

Parts of Speech Post test                                                                                          (L)

Work on True Narrative Essay

Assign & Discuss Short Stories

FOR DAY 16:  Read and Annotate Group 1 stories & Compose
True Narrative Essay

DAY 16

Review Group 1 Short Stories                                                                                   (R)

Literary Terms

Vocabulary 3

FOR DAY 17:  Complete True Narrative Essay & Complete Vocabulary 3

DAY 17

True Narrative Essay due                                                                                         (W)

Vocabulary 3 due                                                                                                        (L)

Short Story Writing Response 

Assign Group 2 Short Stories

FOR DAY 18:  Read and annotate Group 2 Short Stories

DAY 18

Vocabulary 3 Review

Review Group 2 Short Stories                                                                               (R)

FOR DAY 19:  Study for Vocabulary 3 Test & Read and annotate
Group 3 Short Stories

DAY 19

Vocabulary 3 Test                                                                                                       (L)

Review Group 3 Short Stories

Groups 1,2 & 3 Short Story Guidelines due                                                           (Rx3)

FOR DAY 20:  Read and annotate Group 4 Short Stories

DAY 20

Assign & Prepare for the Greatest Short Story Debate

FOR DAY 21:  Prepare for the Greatest Short Story Debate

DAY 21

The Greatest Short Story Debate                                                                              (R & S/L)

FOR DAY 22:  Prepare for the Greatest Short Story Debate

DAY 22

The Greatest Short Story Debate

Quarter 1 Concludes

FOR DAY 1 of Quarter 2:  Sophocles Web search

Quarter 1 Valued Assignments:

Reading (40%)                                  10

Writing (30%)                                   4
Speaking/Listening (20%)             3

Language (10%)                                9