Quarter 1 Syllabus

Freshmen Honors English
Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.  —Charles Dickens

Video:  How to Use the Syllabi

Freshmen Honors Standards

Discuss Station Eleven Plot

FOR DAY 2:  Outline Station Eleven’s Plot according to Freytag’s model


Picture Day

Freytag’s plot structure 
due                                                                                     (R)

Station Eleven Essential Questions

Vocabulary 1

FOR DAY 3:  Six Essential Questions & Complete Vocabulary 1


Vocabulary 1 due                                                                                                         (L)

Station Eleven Essential Questions due                                                                                        (R)

Station Eleven Quotes

FOR DAY 4:  Read Station Eleven Reviews and critique the critic


Review Vocabulary 1

Station Eleven Critique the Critic due                                                                                   (W)

Assign Station Eleven Essay

FOR DAY 5:  Compose a thesis for Station Eleven Essay & Study
for Vocabulary 1 Test


Thesis due                                                                                                                      (W)

Vocabulary 1 Test                                                                                                         (L)

Discuss Expository Essay

FOR DAY 6:  Read and annotate assign essays


Discuss Essay Types

Critique Assign Essays

VIDEO:  Critique Assign Essays according to the Guidelines

FOR DAY 7:  Read and annotate assign essays & Complete Station Eleven Essay


Vocabulary 2

Prepare for Essay Facilitation

FOR DAY 8:  Complete Vocabulary 2 and Prepare for
Essay Facilitation


Station Eleven Essay due                                                                                        (W)

Vocabulary 2 Due                                                                                                       (L)

Prepare for Essay Facilitation

Parts of Speech Pretest                                                                                              (L)

FOR DAY 9:  Prepare for Essay Facilitation


Vocabulary 2 Review

Essay Facilitation   Group 1                                                                                     (R & S/L)

FOR DAY 10:  Parts of Speech Practice & Study for Vocabulary 2 Test

DAY 10

Vocabulary 2 Test                                                                                                       (L)

Essay Facilitation Group 2 & Group 3

FOR DAY 11:  Parts of Speech Practice

DAY 11

Conclude Essay Facilitation Groups 4 & Group 5

FOR DAY 12:  Parts of Speech Practice

DAY 12

Assign True Narrative Essay

Review for Nonfiction Exam

FOR DAY 13:  Study for Nonfiction Exam

DAY 13

Nonfiction Exam                                                                                                         (R& S/L)

Essay Annotations/Notes Due                                                                                  (R)

FOR DAY 14:  Parts of Speech Practice

DAY 14

Parts of Speech Review

Writing the True Narrative Essay

Read and annotate The Ledge according to Freytag’s Pyramid

FOR DAY 15:  Prepare for P.O.S. Post test & Read News Report

DAY 15

Parts of Speech Post test                                                                                          (L)

Work on True Narrative Essay

Assign & Discuss Short Stories

FOR DAY 16:  Read and Annotate Group 1 stories & Compose
True Narrative Essay

DAY 16

Review Group 1 Short Stories                                                                                   (R)

Literary Terms

Vocabulary 3

FOR DAY 17:  Complete True Narrative Essay & Complete Vocabulary 3

DAY 17

True Narrative Essay due                                                                                         (W)

Vocabulary 3 due                                                                                                        (L)

Short Story Writing Response 

Assign Group 2 Short Stories

FOR DAY 18:  Read and annotate Group 2 Short Stories

DAY 18

Vocabulary 3 Review

Review Group 2 Short Stories                                                                               (R)

FOR DAY 19:  Study for Vocabulary 3 Test & Read and annotate
Group 3 Short Stories

DAY 19

Vocabulary 3 Test                                                                                                       (L)

Review Group 3 Short Stories

Groups 1,2 & 3 Short Story Guidelines due                                                           (Rx3)

FOR DAY 20:  Read and annotate Group 4 Short Stories

DAY 20

Assign & Prepare for the Greatest Short Story Debate

FOR DAY 21:  Prepare for the Greatest Short Story Debate

DAY 21

The Greatest Short Story Debate                                                                              (R & S/L)

FOR DAY 22:  Prepare for the Greatest Short Story Debate

DAY 22

The Greatest Short Story Debate

Quarter 1 Concludes

FOR DAY 1 of Quarter 2:  Sophocles Web search

Quarter 1 Valued Assignments:

Reading (40%)                                  10

Writing (30%)                                   4
Speaking/Listening (20%)             3

Language (10%)                                9