Vocabulary 3 Review

Performance Indicators:

P.S. ELA-1 Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

A. Notice and correct grammatical and mechanical errors in writing.
B. Demonstrate command of correct sentence structure and variety.
C. Apply standard usage to formal speaking and writing.

Abdicate- (v) to fail to complete a duty or responsibility
Audacious- (adj) recklessly bold; daring
Banter- (n) good-humor teasing
Capacious- (adj) capable of holding a large quantity
Cryptic- (adj) having a hidden meaning
Disparate- (adj) distinctively different in quality
Effusive- (adj) an excess of enthusiasm or emotion
Gambol- (v) to leap or playfully skip around
Homily- (n) a sermon or piece or religious writing or topic on morals                                    Iconoclastic- (adj) destroying religious images; attacking customs and beliefs                       Immolate- (v) to kill as a sacrifice, usually by burning
Imprecation- (n) the act of cursing; swearing
Jaunty- (adj) happy, carefree, confident
Lampoon- (n) a harsh satire directed at somebody
Lugubrious- (adj) sad or mournful
Mercurial- (adj) marked by sudden and unpredictable change in mood
Noxious- (adj) harmful or destructive; poisonous
Panache- (n) a display of style, originality, and confidence
Quisling- (n)  a traitor
Rapacity- (n) the quality of being greedy
Sacrosanct- (adj) most holy; sacred
Solecism- (n) a grammatical or social impropriety
Tantamount- (adj) equivalent to a particular thing or value, especially when the outcome is unpleasant
Tremulous- (adj) shaking or trembling
Volition- (n) exercising your own choice or free-will.

Vocabulary 3 Quizlet

The following practice will assist your understanding of the vocabulary terms.  If you are still challenged by the analogy format continue to practice using the ANALOGIES link.
Place the letter assigned to each vocabulary word in the space next to the analogy or sentence which it completes; an answer may only be used once.

A. Abdicate                  H. Gambol                  O. Lugubrious           V. Solecism
B. Audacious                I. Homily                    P. Mercurial             W. Tantamount
C. Banter                     J. Iconoclastic             Q. Noxious               X.Tremulous
D. Capacious                K. Immolate                R. Panache              Y. Volition
E. Cryptic                    L. Imprecation             S. Quisling
F. Disparate                 M. Jaunty                    T. Rapacity
G. Effusive                  N. Lampoon                  U. Sacrosanct

_____1.  Comedy  :  laughing  ::  funeral  :  _?_

_____2. Molly’s _?_ is admired by all; she is an original.

_____3.  happiness  :  joy  ::  frustration  :  _?_

_____4.  Coca Cola  :  soda  ::  commandments  :  _?_

_____5.  lugubrious  :  Jaunty  :: evil  :  _?_

_____6. cold  :  shiver  :: fear  :  _?_

_____7. A diamond and zirconium are certainly _?_.

_____8. ill-will  :  insult  ::  affection  :  _?_

_____9. curtsey  :  etiquette  ::  swearing  :  _?_

_____10. voter  :  criticism  ::  impressionist  :  _?_

_____11. baptism  :  holy  ::  blasphemy  :  _?_

_____12. depression  :  happiness  ::  immobile  :  _?_

_____13. Paul Revere  :  patriot  ::  Benedict Arnold  :  _?_

_____14. “Really?” was Ron’s _?_ response to Lauren’s rejection of his request for a date.

_____15. begin  :  finish  ::  fulfill  :  _?_

_____16. quisling  :  patriot  ::  lugubrious  :  _?_

_____17. Kryptonite  is _?_ to Superman.

_____18. careful  :  audacious  ::  undersized  :  _?_

_____19. obvious  :  cryptic  ::  giving  :  _?_

_____20. lazy  :  industrious  ::  unresponsive  :  _?_

_____21. Voting in an election is a citizen’s _?_.

_____22. selfish  :  rapacity  ::  erratic  :  _?_

_____23. mockery  :  banter  ::  out of control  :  _?_

_____24. truth  :  proven  ::  allegory  :  _?_

_____25. During the Salem witch trials, the condemned were executed for their crime;  they were not _?_d.

Hopefully, you are aware that individuals learn and retain information in a variety of ways, in essence, the focus on Bloom’s Taxonomy is a revelation in a cognitive path of different variables.  Many successful learners have a high functioning memory while others struggle to recall details.  Visual learners often transfer learning to a different part of the brain in order to associate information/data.  The following exercise emphasizes visual recognition/association.  Use your vocabulary definitions from above to associate the words with the images below.   Although a selection is only used once, you will find that some images correspond with more than one vocabulary term based on how you interpret the image.


2.                                                          3.

4.                                                                              5.

6.                                                                              7.

8.                                                                                      9.

12.                                                                            13.

14.                                                                    15.

The emphasis of this exercise is to reinforce your understanding of the vocabulary terms.

16.                                                                              17.

18.                                             19.

20.                                          21.

You may discover that by making your own
image association that you are better able
to learn the vocabulary rather than memorize the terms which usually, at best, serves only short term memory,

22.                                                                          23.

24.                                                                                25.


Visual association is obviously not desirable for everyone; you will ultimately determine which way you best retain information.  We will pursue other strategies as the year advances.







You will have a vocabulary test next class.  The format of the vocabulary test appears on the following link if you prefer to be more familiar with the emphasis on the test.  The test is designed to emphasize usage in order that your recall of the words will be more than just a fleeting memory:  Sample Vocabulary Test