Vocabulary Test

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Sample Vocabulary Test

Place the letter that is assigned to the vocabulary term with its definition.

_____1.  dazzling; impressive appearance                                                  A.  parsimony

_____2.  to express disagreement or disapproval                                     B. baleful

_____3.  the frivolous or idle wasting of time                                            C. sequester

_____4.  somebody who has developed a refined taste for food            D. affable

_____5.  to put somebody in an isolated or lonely place                         E. decussate

_____6.  not easily persuaded or influenced                                              F. bilious

_____7.  threatening                                                                                        G. lassitude

_____8. transparent                                                                                         H. carrion

_____9.  aggressively defiant                                                                          I. truculent

_____10. faithless; disloyal                                                                             J. quintessence

_____11. good-natured; friendly                                                                    K. obdurate

_____12. excessively or pointlessly talking                                                  L. diaphanous

_____13. friendliness and peaceful relations                                               M. conflagration

_____14. a state of weariness                                                                          N. perfidious

_____15extremely unpleasant to look at                                                      O. amity

_____16. dead, rotting flesh of an animal                                                    P. raillery

_____17. unwillingness to spend money                                                      Q. garrulous

_____18. a large, raging fire                                                                            R. dalliance

_____19. the purest or most perfect example of something                     S. resplendent

_____20. having the shape of the cross                                                        T. expostulate

_____21. friendly ridiculing of someone or some thing                            U. epicure

Complete the following analogies using the letter assigned to the word selection in PART I that best completes each analogy; an answer may only be used once.

_____22.  kind  :  nice  ::  despair  :  _?_

_____23.  good  :  evil  ::  charitable  :  _?_

_____24.  happy  :  Lachrymose  :: dull  :  _?_

_____25.  germ  :  infection  ::  carcass  :  _?_

_____26.  unusual : ordinary  ::  helpful  :  _?_

_____27.  assault  :  depredation  ::  useless  :  _?_

_____28. a judge  :  sagacious  ::   a rebel  :  _?_

_____29. lachrymose  :  lugubrious  ::  inferno  :  _?_

_____30.  compliment  :  praise  ::  teasing  :  _?_

_____31. thick  :  peanut butter  ::  window  :  _?_

Identify, by placing A for adjective, N for noun, or V for verb, each of the following terms’ part of speech

_____32. affable                  _____37. depredation

_____33. truculent              _____38. lassitude

_____34. abstemious          _____39. amity

_____35. sagacious             _____40. quintessence

_____36. diaphanous         _____41. carrion                       l

Place a T for true or F for false in the corresponding space to determine whether each term is correctly used in the following sentences.

_____42.  Charlie expostulates Lauren every time she states her opinion.

_____43. Brendan will go out and harrow the field after he goes for a swim.

_____44. Give Jacob some tissues when I sequester him.

_____45. Zach gave the girl an efficacious gift.

_____46. Because of his abstemious manner Patrick will stay fit.

_____47. Sam’s raillery with his friends may one day be taken as an insult.

_____48. Ryan is quite affable once you understand him.

_____49. One day Chris will become a connoisseur because of his epicure.

_____50. All of the young men in class feel that they are the quintessence of mankind while the girls secretly share the understanding that they are collectively bilious.