Vocabulary 1

 Performance Indicators

P.S. ELA-1 Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

A. Notice and correct grammatical and mechanical errors in writing.
B. Demonstrate command of correct sentence structure and variety.
C. Apply standard usage to formal speaking and writing.

VIDEO:  Vocabulary 1 Explanation

Write a definition and the part-of-speech for each of the words and then use each word in a sentence emphasizing the word’s meaning, underlining the vocabulary term in each sentence.

1.  Acquisitive
2.  Adage
3.  Adjunct
4.  Arrogate
5.  Asseverate
6.  Banal
7.  Bucolic
8.  Calumny
9.  Captious
10. Celerity
11. Consummate
12. Conversant
13. Dank
14. Diaphanous
15. Dichotomy
16. Dogmatic
17. Elixir
18. Euphemism
19. Faux pas
20. Fervid
21. Gamut
22. Harbinger
23. Imbue
24. Ineffable
25. Lachrymose