Vocabulary 1 Review

Performance Indicators:

P.S. ELA-1 Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

A. Notice and correct grammatical and mechanical errors in writing.
B. Demonstrate command of correct sentence structure and variety.
C. Apply standard usage to formal speaking and writing.

VIDEO:  Vocabulary 1 Review

Use the vocabulary words from above to complete the sentences below.  Look for context clues in order to assist your selections.  An answer may only be used once.  

Abrogate- (v) to abolish by formal or official means; annul by an authoritative act; repeal
Acquisitive-(adj) tending or seeking to acquire and own; eager to get wealth,
Adage- (n) a traditional saying expressing a common experience or observation; proverb
Adjunct- (n) something added to another thing but not essential to it
Asseverate- (adj.) confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive
Banal- (adj) commonplace; tired or petty
Bucolic – (adj) of the country; rural

Captious- (adj) apt to notice and make much of trivial faults or defects; faultfinding
Calumny- (n) a false and malicious statement; slander, defamation
Celerity- (n) swiftness; speed
Consummate- (v) to bring to perfection
Conversant- (adj) familiar by use or study
Dank- (adj) unpleasantly moist or humid; damp
Faux pas- (n)  a slip or blunder in etiquette; an embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion
Diaphanous- (adj) very sheer and light; almost completely transparent

Dichotomy- (n) division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs
Dogmatic- (adj) authoritatively overbearing
Euphemism- (n) an inoffensive or indirect expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive or too harsh
Elixir (n) medicinal potion; a cure-all

Fervid- (adj) heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm
Gamut- (n) the full range
Harbinger- (n) anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign
Imbue- (v) to cause, infuse or inspire, as with feelings, opinions
Ineffable- (adj) incapable of being expressed in words
Lachrymose (adj) producing tears; mournful


1.  Throughout history, comets are often seen as _?_s of monumental events.
2.  The _?_ crowd celebrated after the Red Sox won the World Series.
3.  He who laughs last, laughs best is an _?_.
4.  A liquid recoating specialist is just a _?_ for a painter.
5.  We will cover the _?_  of writing this year.
6.  The soldier was _?_ed from the service for his seditious act.
7.  Her _?_ eulogy was extremely sincere and moving.
8.  I am not intimidated by Obama, in fact I admire his _?_ goal of leading this country.
9.  I hope to _?_ you with both knowledge and inspiration.
10.  I am wary of your _?_ excuses, why don’t you just do your work!
11. I cannot express how you grace me with your affection; my feelings for you are _?_.
12. Although it may lack worldly culture, Durham has a _?_ charm.
13. He hordes many unnecessary objects due to his _?_ nature.
14. I will not tell you that you are useless; that is a _?_.
15. Why don’t you look at her soul rather _?_ dismissing her as inferior.
16. The _?_ of his escape made it impossible for the police to follow.
17. “Please pardon my _?_,” Emily shamefully expressed when she belched during her date.
18. Is it possible to truly _?_ any relationship?
19. “I am _?_ with my vocabulary after studying the words for four hours,” exclaimed Lucy.
20. Samuel had difficulty breathing in the _?_ catacombs.
21. The _?_ apparition walked right through me!
22. Let’s make a _?_ of the class between boys and girls.
23. Whether you see them as _?_ or not, your parents control you.
24. How I wish that there was an _?_ for cruelty.
25. Whip cream is not an _?_ to strawberry shortcake; it is absolutely necessary.

You will have a vocabulary test next class.  The format of the vocabulary test appears on the following link if you prefer to be more familiar with the emphasis of the test.  The test is designed to emphasize usage in order that your recall of the words will be more than just a fleeing memory:  Sample Vocabulary Test

One section of the vocabulary test requires you to execute analogies.  You may want to use the link in order to adequately prepare for the test.

Vocabulary 1 Quizlet