Vocabulary 3 Review

The format for the vocabulary 3 test is the same as the previous vocabulary tests.

1.  abjure- (v) to renounce under oath

2.  crass- (adj)  thick

3.  egress- (n) an exit

4.  fallacious- (adj)  illogical

5.  horde- (n)  a large gathering of people

6.  lune- (n)  moon;   a spherical surface bounded by two great circles

7. mobocracy- (n)  a society ruled by mob

8.  odium- (n)  extreme dislike

9.  paucity-  (n)  fewness

10. repine- (v)   to long for something; to express dejection

11. sluggard- (n)  a lazy person

12. variegate- (v)  to diversify especially with different colors

13. virago- (n)  a woman of great stature, strength, and courage

14. vogue- (n)  popular fashion

15. weal- (n)  a sound healthy sate; well-being

16. winsome- (adj) attractive

17. wizen- (v)  to become dry, shrunken and wrinkled

18. wrest- (v)  to violently twist

19. wry- (v)  to deviate from which is proper

20. zealot- (n) a fanatic; a person devoted to a cause


You will have a vocabulary test next class.  The format of the vocabulary test appears on the following link if you prefer to be more familiar with the emphasis of the test.  The test is designed to emphasize usage in order that your recall of the words will be more than just a fleeing memory:  Sample Vocabulary Test