The Crucible Act Three Study Guide

You may choose to read along with The Crucible audio book.

1.  Why does Giles Corey interrupt the trial?
2.  What has happened to Rebecca Nurse?
3.  Why has John Proctor arrived in court?
4. What startling development does Proctor learn about his wife?
5.  Who stands up for Proctor in court?
6.  What evidence does Francis Nurse present to the court; how does this evidence backfire?
7. Why does Mary Warren speak to the court; what information does she testify about?
8.  How does Mary’s confession upset the judges?
9.  What happens when Mary Warren is forced to confront the other girls in the courtroom?
10. What does Proctor confess?
11. Explain how everything turns against John Proctor at the conclusion of Act Three.
12.  Why is Reverend Hale so outraged at the conclusion of Act Three?