Sentence Type Test

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Sentence Structure Mastery Test

INSTRUCTIONS:  Place the letter of the selection in the space next to the sentence which the sentence type identifies.  The answer sheet follows below.  The test is due next class, DAY 14.

A.  Simple          B. Compound          C. Complex          D. Compound/Complex

1. The teacher walked into the classroom, greeted the students, and she took attendance.
2. Juan played football while Juanita went shopping.
3.  Alena looked around the classroom, as the birds chirped to see if Yee,Nowell and Henry were creating more nonsense.
4. Juan played football, yet Juanita went shopping.
5. Although Mexico has a better football team, it lost.
6. The island was filled with many trails winding through the thick underbrush, a small lake, and dangerous wild pigs.
7. Naoki passed the test because he studied hard and he understood the material.
8. The Americanization of Shadrach Cohen is a short story about values by Bruno Lessing.
9. Shadrach Cohen had two sons, Abel and Gottlieb.
10. When Abel and Gottlieb moved to New York, they opened their own business in their father’s name.
11. The business was successful, so Abel and Gottlieb told their father to join them in New York City.
12. When Shadrach came, he brought Marta, the family maidservant.
13. Marta could not speak any English; she had never left her village while she was in Poland.
14. When the ship landed, Shadrach was met by two dapper-looking young men.
15. Each son wore a flashy tie with a diamond pin.
16. Shadrach’s sons welcomed him to the new land, but they were amazed by his old fashioned appearance.
17. Shadrach looked like so many new immigrants that Gottlieb and Abel had ridiculed in the past; they had haughty attitudes.
18. Gottlieb and Abel first wanted to take their father to a barbershop to trim his beard to make him look more like an American.
19. Although Gottlieb and Abel already had a servant, Marta stayed with the family.
20. At their first meal together, Shadrach saw a wall between him and his sons.
21. Shadrach was puzzled because he realized that some change had occurred.
22. When the meal was over, Shadrach donned his praying cap and he began to recite grace.
23. While Abel and Gottlieb thought their father would change after a few months, he didn’t; he was determined to maintain his ways.
24. When Gottlieb told his father about the wedding, Shadrach wanted to meet the bride right away.
25. Because Gottlieb was ashamed of his father, he did not want to introduce him to his future bride.
26. Shadrach was upset when he told Gottlieb to go straight to bed.
27. Shadrach then began running both the house and the business.
28. Shadrach dismissed two employees and he told Abel and Gottlieb to take their places.
29. After Shadrach imposed new rules on the business, it began to improve; the sons were impressed.
30. Other businessmen in the community saw the business grow, and they began to respect and revere Shadrach.
31. While the sons were working for Shadrach, they were earning bread by the sweat of their brow.
32. After Shadrach earned their respect, Gottlieb wanted to bring Miriam, his bride to be, to meet his father and the father was delighted.
33. Joy beamed in Shadrach’s eyes when Gottlieb invited Miriam to meet his father.


1.  _____        9.  _____         17. _____        25. _____        33. _____

2.  _____        10. _____        18. _____        26. _____

3.  _____        11. _____        19. _____        27. _____

4.  _____        12. _____        20. _____        28. _____

5.  _____        13. _____        21. _____        29. _____

6.  _____        14. _____        22. _____        30. _____

7.  _____        15. _____        23. _____        31. _____

8.  _____        16. _____        24. _____        32. _____