American Icon Research Paper

You are to use the American icon that you selected and presented in the second quarter as the subject for your junior research paper.  Early in the second quarter you were required to write a thesis statement that might serve as the thesis for the research paper.  The research paper is a thesis-driven composition which uses cited evidence to substantiate the point expressed in the thesis.  The criteria for the research paper follows:

1.  The paper is to be 5-7 double space pages composed according to MLA guidlines
2.  You are required to use at least five different reference sources, two of which are to be off-line (non-internet) sources.
3.  You are required to use at least ten cited sources of information.  You will also be required to submit at least ten note cards with the cited source along with the evidence that you will use in the research paper.
4.  A bibliography and citations are mandatory along with a title page.
5.  The research paper is due on DAY 5 of the syllabus.

The links below will be helpful if you require further support with organizing and writing your composition according to MLA standards.

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Painting by Michael Lawrence