(Please note: Areas of the curriculum are currently being worked on or in the process of being created.  Any unit/subject which is underlined will link to the appropriate subject matter.  If it is not underlined, it is either being revised or created.)

Kindergarten-Grade 8:  N/A

Grades 9-12: Parenting 1-Child Development
Unit 1: Exploring Childhood
Unit 2: Readiness to Parent
Unit 3: Conception to Birth
Unit 4: Infant Care

Grades 9-12:  Parenting 2-Child Development
Unit 1: Exploring Childhood
Unit 2: The Child from One to Three
Unit 3: The Child from Four to Six
Unit 4: Special Areas of Study

Grades 9-12:  Creative Clothing I
Unit 1: Clothing Selection
Unit 2: Preparing to Sew
Unit 3: Clothing Construction and Hand Sewing
Unit 4: Clothing Selection in Depth
Unit 5: Fashion and Its Influence
Unit 6: Art and Design
Unit 7: Fibers and Fabric
Unit 8: Consumer Rights
Unit 9: Careers in Fashion and Retailing

Grades 9-12: Creative Clothing II
Unit 1: Review
Unit 2: Projects
Unit 3: Careers and Consumerism

Grades 9-12: Early Childhood Education
Unit 1: Introduction to Childhood
Unit 2: Theories
Unit 3: Field Site Preparation Assignment
Unit 4: Language Arts and Development

Grades 9-12: Fiber Arts
Unit 1: Fibers
Unit 2: Embroidery
Unit 3: Fabrics
Unit 4: Fabric Finishes
Unit 5: Sewing
Unit 6: Quilting
Unit 7: Felting

Grades 9-12: Food Science
Unit 1: Safety in the Kitchen
Unit 2: Equipment
Unit 3: Reading A Recipe
Unit 4: The Principles of Baking – The Bread Group
Unit 5: Apples
Unit 6: Cheese and Yogurt
Unit 7: Eggs
Unit 8: Fruits
Unit 9: Legumes
Unit 10: Meat
Unit 11: Poultry
Unit 12: Sugar
Unit 13: Vegetables

Grades 9-12: Housing Designs
Unit 1: Homes are for People
Unit 2: Architectural Influences on Housing
Unit 3: Careers in Housing
Unit 4: Values Reflected in Home Selections
Unit 5: Making Housing Decisions
Unit 6: House Constructions Space, Planning and Lands
Unit 7: Interior Decoration

Grades 9-12: Life Management
Unit 1: Money Management and Consumer Issues
Unit 2: Anger Management and Problem Solving
Unit 3: Personal Relationships
Unit 4: Social Identity and Relationships

Grades 9-12: International Cuisine
Unit 1: Safety in the Kitchen
Unit 2: Equipment
Unit 3: Reading a Recipe
Unit 4: The Global Picture
Unit 5: Food Customs
Unit 6: Country Exploration

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