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Drawing with artists, illustrators, journalists and teachers

Here are a variety of guided drawing sessions and ideas, on multiple platforms.  Some are at scheduled times during the week; some are live; and some you can do at your leisure and on your schedule.

Lunch doodles with Mo Willems 

Art for Kids Hub guided drawings – a Coffin School favorite! 

Draw with Rob

Draw with Russ Cox

Draw everyday with JJK

E.B. Gooddale’s drawing with toddlers

Caron Ellis’ Quarantine Art Club

Wendy MacNaughton live drawing sessions

Stickies’s art school

Draw with cartoonist Lynda Barry All 403 of Bob Ross’s videos 



Printable coloring pages of famous artwork


Drawing games

Make your own street art

The Tate museum gives you a chance to try your hand at your own (virtual) street art style


Quick, draw!

How fast can you draw from a prompt? Google’s addictive game will have you sweating!

Color method game 

Think you know your colors? Test your eye and knowledge of compliments, primary, secondary colors and more!

Auto Draw

Like the old favorite, PC Paint

Digital art puzzles

You won’t lose any pieces with these online versions!

Make a mandala

Explore radial symmetry by making your own mandala

Digital sand art app

This ultimate bliss-out app lets you create beautiful sand art, and even makes the sound of pouring sand

Make your own comics

Get started making your own comic strips with this digital template and comic creator

National Gallery of Art artzone for kids

This app has lessons, activities, a sketchbook and portfolio space featuring artwork in the National Gallery of Art.


Crafty projects:

TP tube crafts