3-d Winslow Homer Scenes

Students in first grade and multiage have been learning all about Winslow Homer’s life, art, and style this past month.  Winslow Homer loved to paint the ocean, especially when it was stormy and dangerous.  He tried to make his paintings look real, which we learned is called realism.  Students took cues from his work, and make sea scenes featuring dark and stormy colors and whitecaps; boats rolling in the waves, and calm, flat horizons with sunny skies.

Did you know…

  • Winslow Homer loved the ocean so much that he spent most of his life in Prout’s Neck, Maine, painting the sea from his studio
  • He wanted to be an artist since he was little, but he wasn’t sure he could do it for a living. When he grew up, he hatched a plan: try to sell two paintings, and if they sold, he’d dedicate his energy into becoming an artist.  If they didn’t, he’d try something else. His brother heard about this plan, and secretly bought the two paintings.  The rest is history!