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February 2, (Student Services Committee) Agenda    
January 22, (Facilities &Maintenance Committee) Agenda    
January 22, (Personnel & Negotiations Committee)
January 10, (School Board Meeting) Agenda Packet  
January 8, (Personnel & Negotiations Committee)
Postponed to January 22nd.
January 2, (Organizational Meeting) Agenda    Minutes
December 14, (Policy Planning Committee) Agenda    Minutes
December 14, (Elementary School Building Committee) Agenda    
December 13, (School Board Meeting) Agenda Packet   Minutes
December 13, (Budget & Finance Committee) Agenda    
December 6, (Student Services Committee) Agenda   Minutes
December 4, (Personnel & Negotiations Committee) Agenda   Minutes
November 29, (School Board Workshop) Agenda Packet   
November 29, (Policy and Planning Committee) Agenda   Minutes
November 27, (Stipend Review Committee) Agenda    
November 8, (School Board Meeting) Agenda Packet  Minutes
November 6 (Personnel & Negotiations Committee) Agenda   Minutes
October 25, ( School Board Workshop) Agenda Packet   
October 11, (School Board Meeting) Agenda Packet  Minutes
October 11, (Facilities & Maintenance Committee) Agenda    Minutes
October 11, (Policy and Planning Committee) Agenda    Minutes
October 5, (Elementary School Building Committee) Agenda     
October 2, (Personnel & Negotiations Committee) Agenda    Minutes
September 27, (Special Meeting) Agenda Packet   Minutes
September 27, (Policy Planning Committee) Agenda    Minutes
September 18, (Student Services Committee) Agenda    Minutes
September 13, (School Board Meeting) Agenda Packet   Minutes
September 13, (Budget and Finance Committee) Agenda    
August 9, (School Board Meeting) Agenda Packet   Minutes
July 12, (School Board Meeting) Agenda Packet  Minutes
July 12, (Budget and Finance Committee) Agenda    
July 5, (Facilities & Maintenance Committee) Agenda Packet  Minutes
June 21, (School Board Meeting with Executive Session) Agenda   Minutes
June 14, (School Board Meeting)
JLC Second Read
JL for Second Read
JLCA Second Read
IKE Second Read
IKC Class Rankings
IKB Homework Policy
IKA Grading Assessment System
EF Student Nutrition Policy
ILA Student Assessment
EF-R for 2nd Read

Agenda Packet



Archive: 2016-17 | 2015-16 | 2014-15 | 2013-142012-13 | 2011-12