Individual assessments will provide all students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of specific literacy, listening and describing components of the BHS Music Standards (ADisciplinary Literacy, B. Creation, Performance & Expression, C. Creative Problem Solving. D. Aesthetics & Criticism, and E. Connections). These assessments will take place both during and outside of class time and will require the student to organize time in a way that allows for completion by the assigned deadlines. They will require student integration of technology, application of the BHS Music Standards and application of retrieved/learned knowledge. It is the goal of these assessments to tangibly articulate where a student stands towards the general standards of music literacy, listening, and describing. These goals help to cover the first 5 levels of the 6 Cognitive Process Dimensions of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy (“remember”, “understand”, “apply”, “analyze” and “evaluate”).


These assessments will provide a snapshot of the student’s progress in achieving the BHS Music Standard  E. Connections (the indicators reflecting interpersonal and ensemble skills), as well as the student’s progress in achieving specific rehearsal and technique skills, as outlined in each of the remaining standards (A through D). These grades provide a critical step by step picture of the progress a student is making throughout the term; reflecting positive development and/or specific deficiencies. Aside from the weekly assessment grade, you may also see grades for specific performance indicators and skills that had been focused on that week in rehearsal. In order to help facilitate the transition into a “Standards Based 4-Point Grading System”, the following calculations will be used (Your student will be receiving a 1 – 100 point grade which can be converted thusly)

4=100, 3=90, 2=75, 1=55.

Questions or concerns should always be directed to Mrs. Albert or Mr. Scarpone immediately via conversation in person or via e-mail: or


The required Concert Performances each term provide the linchpin for the entire course. As a performance based discipline, a successful curriculum will be centered on carefully selected literature, composed specifically for that genre of ensemble that follows through and completes the Creative Process of :

1)Selecting… artistic works or repertoire to perform

2) Analyzing… structure and composition

3) Interpreting… the expressive intent of the composer

4) Rehearsing/Evaluating/Refining… all the details and nuances of each selection through independently developed cognitive knowledge and motor skills

Presenting… the selections that are sufficiently prepared to be ‘brought back to life’ for an assembled audience.

This is a critical synthesis of all the BHS Music Standards. It is the goal of the Performance Assessments to bring this together in a unique, dynamic, live event.

Consequently, those unwilling or unable to commit to the required performances each semester will be unable to achieve the required standards for course completion or credit.

Standard A

Standard B

Standard C+D

Standard E