*Every BHS Chorus student is a member of the Concert Choir – students who sing in Chamber Choir and Treble Choir also sing in Concert Choir during performance!*

Faculty Name: Ashley Albert

Office Hours: Orange 3-4, Black 1-2

Academic Role

With regard to our High School Music Curriculum, “performing” is an artistic process that embraces 5 critical elements:

1) Selecting… artistic works or repertoire to perform

2) Analyzing… structure and composition

3) Interpreting… the expressive intent of the composer

4) Rehearsing/Evaluating/Refining… all the details and nuances of each selection through independently developed cognitive knowledge and motor skills

5) Presenting… the selections that are sufficiently prepared to be ‘brought back to life’ for an assembled audience

Course Description

Concert Choir is a performance based entry-level course in music, designed to address the standards and performance indicators prescribed in The Maine Learning Results. Concert Choir is designed to develop students’ personal independence, maturity, musical aptitude and vocal ability. Curriculum will be centered on carefully selected literature, composed specifically for that genre of ensemble. While this course is open to all BHS students regardless of prior experience, those unwilling or unable to commit to the required performances each semester should not consider joining.

Learning Outcomes

BHS Concert Choir students will:

      • learn vocal techniques that strengthen their personal vocal qualities
      • learn rehearsal techniques that develop a unified ensemble sound
      • learn rehearsal techniques that enhance the musicality of specific musical selections in preparation for performance
      • rehearse and perform choral literature that reflects educational considerations
      • develop the skills of teamwork, trust, commitment, self-esteem and respect

Textbooks & Reading Materials

      • Music folders and assigned music

Expectations & Classroom Conduct

General Rehearsal Expectations

Be in your assigned seat with your folderon time and ready to work. Students may only leave class with a previously issued pass or for other unique circumstances. Hats, food, gum and drinks are not permitted in class.


  • In School: Unless you are excused from school, you are expected to be in class. A single skip  WILL result in a ZERO for the daily assessment and/or the right to take part in upcoming concerts.
  • Concerts and Dress Rehearsals: There are several REQUIRED Concert performances each semesteras well as two mandatory dress rehearsals. Absences from these will only be excused in the case of family emergencies, AND with a note and phone conversation with a parent or guardian. Absences for any other reason may result in an “F” for that semester or a loss of credit, at the teacher’s discretion.

Choral Music and Folders

These are the property of Brunswick High School. The privacy afforded a student with regard to lockers or personal notebooks does not apply to a BHS Choral Folder or its contents. The minimal expectation is that you are absolutely prepared for rehearsals and concerts. If taking the music home from time to time is necessary for you to accomplish this, please do so. Students who lose, steal, or vandalize BHS Folders and/or music will be responsible for reimbursing the music department for the aforementioned materials.

Grading Policies  (Please also see the BHS Music Standards tab of this website)

Standards Based grading:

Standards-Based Grading places emphasis on student achievement as the chief factor in grading and assessing students. It is a grading format that is designed to better report student understanding to parents in a given subject. A student’s grade in choir reflects their ability to master concepts by the end of each term.

Why is this Occurring in Choir?

Eventually all classes at the secondary level will be assessed in this way. The nature of a music class is all about performance – knowing through doing. In short, the way we demonstrate knowledge is by performing that knowledge. This is really the same basic way music classes have always been assessed- it is just in a more formal way. For a detailed explanation of the standards themselves and how they are being evaluated, please refer to the BHS Chorus Performance Standards (in the back of this packet).

Concert Choir students will be assessed:

1. Each week via productivity, progress made and following rehearsal protocol (posture, breathing, etc).

2. Each quarter via individual assignments.

3. Each semester via mid-term and final exams, usually essays.

4. Through performance in several public concerts.