Grammar Mastery Program

Performance Indicators:

P.S. ELA-1 Language:   Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

A. Notice and correct grammatical and mechanical errors in writing.
B. Demonstrate command of correct sentence structure and variety.
C. Apply standard usage to formal speaking and writing.


During the fourth quarter you will work to become masters of the grammar units that you have been responsible for this year.  Due to the distance learning I have amended some of the instructions.  You should take a grammar mastery test on the day represented on the class syllabus.  Before that time you can acquire time to review your notes and do the practices for the upcoming unit.  The time translates into points.  After you take the test you can still acquire points to reach a 100 score.  Obviously students can misrepresent their time.  Once again I appeal to your sense of honor–the quality that allows you to coexist with yourself with dignity.  Be the student who earns her/his time legitimately.  I assure you that achievement will be far more lasting than any points.

The grammar mastery program is straightforward; the requirements that you are responsible for follows:

1.  Compile the notes for each of the grammar units and pass them in together.  The value of your combine notes will count as 5 homework grades.  You can not take a grammar mastery test until all your notes are organized according to the order that we reviewed them this year and submitted to Turnitin:  parts of speech, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, phrase/clause, and sentence types.

2.  Take the grammar mastery test for each grammar unit and achieve an 85 or better score.  You will take the grammar tests after you have adequately reviewed the grammar concept.  You must receive a mastery score of 85 or better in order to receive credit for taking the test. If you do not achieve a mastery score of 85 or better,  you have options to acquire more points. 

EARN EXTRA POINTS:  You may acquire points by creating your own Google Form Quiz with answers for the grammar concept that you require points for.  Your Google Form must be original.  In other words your questions and answers have to be created by you.  You receive one point for each question and correct answer.  Create a 25 point Google Form with correct answers and you earn 25 points.  Share the Google Form with me in order to validate your work.  Studies in learning reveal that the best way to learn information is to apply and teach it yourself.  Creating a quiz is an exercise in this pursuit.  You gain points by learning more about the unit that you have not met the required standard for.  Another way to earn points for parts of speech, clause/phrase, or sentence types is to cut-and-paste a paragraph from To Kill a Mockingbird or your independent book. If you require points for parts of speech you are to identify each word’s part of speech in the paragraph.  You will receive a point for every three words that you correctly identify the part of speech for.  If you require points for the clause/phrase test you are to use the same paragraph and identify the subordinate clauses and phrase types in the paragraph.  You will receive an extra point for each subordinate clause or phrase type that you correctly identify.  You can acquire points as well for sentence types by using the same paragraph.  You will receive three points for each type of sentence you correctly identify.  Share the copy of your work on Google Docs with me in order to earn the points.

4.  Once you have completed each of the grammar mastery tests according to the stated standard and you have submitted your notes for each unit you will have satisfactorily completed the grammar mastery program.  Do not procrastinate and leave this responsibility up to the final days of the quarter.  Managing your time industriously will be necessary.  The student(s) who has/have the highest initial score on the combined mastery tests will be crowned The Grammar Master of the class of 2024, a prestigious honor, where your name will join other notable accomplished masters:

Shane Lyons
Connor Flotton
Kyra Tebow
Daniel Lyons
Caitlin Kelly
Julia Pols & Micah Pietraho
Riley Smith
Helen Walter
Merrick Meardon

The Five Required Grammar Units (including notes and practice sites):

1.   Parts of Speech
2.  Clauses
3.  Sentence Types
4.  Punctuation:  End Marks, Colon, Semi Colon, Dash, Hyphen, Ellipsis, Apostrophe, Quotation Mark
Writing Numbers
5.  Subject/Verb Agreement