1)  Capitalize the pronoun I.

Example: Jennifer and I went to the movies yesterday.

2)  Capitalize the first letter of the first word of each sentence.

Example: Learning to capitalize correctly will improve your writing.

3) Capitalize the first letter of names of people, organizations, and

Example: Juan went on a trip to Tokyo, Japan for his company, General Motors Corporation.

4) Capitalize the first letter of adjectives that are made from the
names of people and places.

Example: I like Mexican food.

5) Capitalize initials

Example: My brother’s favorite author is H.G. Wells.

6) Capitalize the first letter of directions only when they are used
to designate actual places, not when they point in a direction.

Example: South defeated Illinois in the the opening game of the season.
I went to the North in order to escape the turmoil.
Go south for about twenty miles and then turn east.

7) Capitalize the first letter of the names of months and
the days of the week.

Example: My birthday will be on a Friday next June.

8) Capitalize the official title of a person (including abbreviations),
but only when you use it with the person’s name.

Example: Did Clarissa recommend Dr. Montoya to you?

9) Capitalize words used as names or parts of names.

Example: Did Uncle George call my mom to tell her our grandmother is with Dad?

10) Capitalize the first letter of important words in a title of a
book, magazine, story, essay, etc.

Example: I enjoyed Mark’s essay, “The Truth About Being a Good Student.”

11) Capitalize historical events and documents.

Example: The Emancipation Proclamation was issued during the Civil War.

12) Capitalize the name of languages, races, nationalities, and

Example: I learned in Spanish class that several Hispanics are Catholic.

13) Capitalize acronyms. (An acronym is a word formed by the
first, or first few, letters of words in a long name of an

Example: CARE is the Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere.

14) Capitalize initialisms. (An initialism is similar to acronym, but
a word is not formed from the letters.)

Example: The Central Intelligence Agency is simply known as the CIA.