Halloween Parade! (update for October 31, 11:08 am!)

Looks like things are a go for this afternoon! We are keeping are fingers crossed that the showers stay away. Parent volunteers: please meet in the BJH gymnasium at 2:30. You will be assisting students lining up and taking attendance. Shari Tarleton will have line-up charts for you and can help with any questions you might have. FYI- the students have been told NOT to warm-up in the gym. Please remind them NO PLAYING until we warm-up together. Percussionists will be starting with me in the band room. The plan is to practice together in the gym until 3:30ish and then head out through the neighborhood down to the mall. If you can’t be at the school at 2:30 but can make it before 3:30, please join us at BJH for our “parade before the parade”. If you aren’t available until after 3:30, you can meet us on the mall.

THANK YOU!!! See you this afternoon!!!


PS- If conditions change, I’ll update this site. If you’re not sure, call the school.

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