Sixth Grade Practice Assignments

Posted 4/12/18:


  • Play through the piece so you get used to the flow; especially finding your way back to repeats.
  • Be careful of the key change at the Trio! Do you have it circled? Do you have notes affected by the key signature marked?
  • What’s your job? Melody, counter-melody, rhythmic accompaniment? Knowing what your job is will help you decide how you fit your part into the overall balance of the ensemble! This is something we’ll be working on together!

Journey of the Bonfire:

  • Focus on the 3/4 section! Measure 34 to the end needs some attention!  😀 


  • Have you marked tempo changes? (Where do we get faster?)
  • Are you paying attention to dynamic markings?
  • Are you paying attention to articulations?
  • Be sure to check out Mr. Standridge’s videos!! (You can find them HERE.)


Continue to refine the musical elements; especially dynamics, articulations.

Is this your first time visting this page? If so, scroll down and check out previous practice assignments! This work is “sequential”—be sure you have no “gaps” in your learning!

Posted 4/2/18:

Last day to turn in Band Olympic Forms is THIS WEDNESDAY (4/4)


Scale self-assessment:
Concert Bb
Concert Eb
One Octave Chromatic beginning on a concert Bb

  • Memorized?
  • Technical facility?: Can you play the scale fluidly at different tempos (fast, moderate, slow)
  • Tone/Intonation/Notes: Is your tone consistent throughout the range of the scale? Is your intonation good throughout the range of the scale? Are you playing correct notes??


  1. Band-o-rama Note: we’ll be focusing on the TRIO in rehearsal this week!
    1. Ensemble Skills: cohesiveness (articulation, dynamic contrast); balance (what’s your job?)
    2. Individual: be sure you understand the “road map”–where are the repeats/endings; check fingerings for accidentals; practice playing through the key change; DOTTED rhythms!!
  2. Journey of the Bonfire: work on beginning to 24 
    1. Ensemble Skills: Balance, cohesive articulations, phrasing
    2. Individual: be sure you are comfortable with notes and rhythms so we can focus on ensemble skills in rehearsal.
  3. Frogs: Beginning to 56
    TRUMPETS: Don’t forget your straight mutes!!

    1. Ensemble: cohesiveness in articulation!!; balance!!!!
    2. Individual: technical facility!!; correct notes and rhythms!
  4. We’ll continue our work on Bazaar

Posted 3/23/18:

All 6th Grade Concert Band students should be working on their music for our March 27 (Tuesday) concert!
Isolate parts in your concert pieces that you feel need some extra attention or parts that are “exposed”. 

Posted 3/12/18:


  1. Scale Warm-Ups- Concert Eb (BOTH pages!!) Your goal is “technical facility”.


  1. Imperium
    1. Ensemble Skills (what we’re working on in rehearsal): Balance, entrances, dynamic contrast.
    2. Individual (what you should be practicing at home): M. 11 to the end: Articulations, dynamic contrast, technical facility
  2. Daydreams
    1. Ensemble: Balance, intonation, dynamics
    2. Individual: dynamics, phrasing (where do I breathe? how long do I hold notes at the notes at the ends of phrases?), what’s my job? (melody, countermelody, accompaniment)
  3. B & B’s Favorite- 25 to end
    1. Ensemble: Balance, entrances
    2. Individual: articulation, technical facility (notes, rhythms)

Posted 3/4/18:


  1. Continue work on “Scales and Technicises in Bb” and “S & T in Eb”.
  2. Do you have these scales memorized?:
    1. Concert Bb
    2. Concert Eb
    3. One Octave Chromatic Scale starting on Concert Bb


Our next concert is March 27. Our program will be:

  • Imperium
  • Daydreams
  • Bazaar
  • Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite

Our focus in rehearsals on all of these pieces will be the “musical details”: articulation, dynamic contrast, balance, phrasing.
In order to be prepared for rehearsals, be sure you are VERY comfortable with all notes and rhythms and can play each piece “at tempo” as well as at slower tempos (should be able to make tempo adjustments!).

Continue work on:

“Frogs”-Notes & Rhythms and all “special effects”. 
“Journey of the Bonfire”- Notes & Rhythms

Are you participating in “Band Olympics”? Have you been keeping track of points you’ve earned?  😀