Sixth Grade Practice Assignments

October 9, 2018


  • Bb Concert Scale and One Octave Chromatic Scale-
    • Memorized?
    • Technical facility: Can you play the scale fluidly at different tempos (fast, moderate, slow)? Can you play the scales ascending (up) AND descending (down)
    • Tone/Intonation/Notes: Is your tone consistent throughout the range of the scale? Is your intonation good throughout the range of the scale? Are you playing correct notes?—does it sound “right”?


  • Rockin’ Halloween-
    • correct notes and rhythms
    • tempo!
  • African Noel-
    • notes and rhythms!
    • is your music marked with the change we made for the introduction?
  • Overlords-
    • articulations
    • dynamics
  • Fallbrook March
    • tone, balance, blend