Sixth Grade Practice Assignments

Posted 3/12/18:


  1. Scale Warm-Ups- Concert Eb (BOTH pages!!) Your goal is “technical facility”.


  1. Imperium
    1. Ensemble Skills (what we’re working on in rehearsal): Balance, entrances, dynamic contrast.
    2. Individual (what you should be practicing at home): M. 11 to the end: Articulations, dynamic contrast, technical facility
  2. Daydreams
    1. Ensemble: Balance, intonation, dynamics
    2. Individual: dynamics, phrasing (where do I breathe? how long do I hold notes at the notes at the ends of phrases?), what’s my job? (melody, countermelody, accompaniment)
  3. B & B’s Favorite- 25 to end
    1. Ensemble: Balance, entrances
    2. Individual: articulation, technical facility (notes, rhythms)

Posted 3/4/18:


  1. Continue work on “Scales and Technicises in Bb” and “S & T in Eb”.
  2. Do you have these scales memorized?:
    1. Concert Bb
    2. Concert Eb
    3. One Octave Chromatic Scale starting on Concert Bb


Our next concert is March 27. Our program will be:

  • Imperium
  • Daydreams
  • Bazaar
  • Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite

Our focus in rehearsals on all of these pieces will be the “musical details”: articulation, dynamic contrast, balance, phrasing.
In order to be prepared for rehearsals, be sure you are VERY comfortable with all notes and rhythms and can play each piece “at tempo” as well as at slower tempos (should be able to make tempo adjustments!).

Continue work on:

“Frogs”-Notes & Rhythms and all “special effects”. 
“Journey of the Bonfire”- Notes & Rhythms

Are you participating in “Band Olympics”? Have you been keeping track of points you’ve earned?  😀