Musical Theater


October 15 through November 1


Tuesday, Oct 15                  Jazz Choir until 3:30 in the chorus room

Thursday, Oct 17                Scene 1:  Train Conductor, All Salesmen and Newspaper Readers, Harold, Charlie until 3:45 in the chorus room

Friday, Oct. 18                     HUSKY HOWL Auditions


Monday, Oct. 21                 FULL CAST – Iowa Stubborn in the chorus room until 4:00

Tuesday, Oct 22                  Jazz Choir until 3:30

Thursday, Oct 24                Choreography – Full Cast until 4:00 (space TBD)

Friday, Oct 25                      Scene 4 – Marian, Mrs. Paroo, Amaryllis, Winthrop in the chorus room until 3:45


Monday, Oct. 28                 No rehearsal

Tuesday, Oct. 29                 NO JAZZ CHOIR TODAY!!  FULL CAST – Review Iowa Stubborn, Learn “Ya Got Trouble” until 4:00 in the chorus room

Wednesday, Oct 30           Scene 6 – Harold, Marion, All the Pick-a-Little Ladies, Eulalie, Ethal, Alma, Maud, Mrs. Squires

Thursday, Oct 31                No Rehearsal- Halloween

Friday, November 1           School Board/Quartet:  Jacey Squires, Olin Britt, Oliver Hix, Ewart Dunlop until 3:45 in the chorus room. All your vocals.


Choreography Auditions will be tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 3 until 3:30 in the BJH gym. Students should plan to wear clothing that they can move in. All students being considered for leads should be there as well as those who want to be considered for dance roles.


It is time! Musical auditions will be tomorrow and Tuesday after school in the chorus room. Students will stay until they are done with their audition. They should prepare a song to sing and be prepared to do some acting improv. We are looking for character traits so make sure you have them present in your audition if you can. 

Choreography auditions will be Thursday after school until 3:30 in the BJH gym. Wear clothing that you can move in!

The cast list will most likely go up on Monday, Oct. 7 at the end of the school day. We will have our first read-through on Thursday, Oct. 10 for all leads.



BJH Musical 2019-2020.      MUSIC MAN, Jr. 

Auditions:.  Sign up outside the chorus room. Prepare a short selection to sing and be prepared to do some improv.

   Monday, Sept 30.   Auditions for Lead Roles
   Tuesday, Oct. 1.     Auditions for Lead Roles
   Thursday, Oct. 3.   Choreography Auditions. *If you are auditioning for a lead, you must be at this audition as well.
   Friday, Oct. 4         Call-backs.   Students will be told if they are being called back.

   Monday, Oct. 7.     Cast List will be posted
   Thursday, Oct. 10. Read through for the full cast (No tech)

Musical News:

     Our musical will be performed on Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1 at the Coffin Elementary School.  Rehearsals will be scheduled at different after school times so please watch the rehearsal schedule for dates and times.  We do not cut anyone from the musical. Students may sign up to be part of the supporting cast. Students not receiving lead roles will be placed in the supporting cast. Tech support will be added in December. There will be opportunities for parents to support our musical in the areas of sets, costumes, ticket sales and PR. Please contact Mrs. Tarleton if you are interested.