Musical Theater



Wednesday, Nov. 14              Leads only from 4:00-5:00 in the chorus room.

Friday, Nov. 17                       Full cast after school until 4:00. Please listen to announcements to see where this rehearsal will be. It will probably be in the cafeteria but I don’t know…..


Monday, Nov. 19                    Full cast after school until 4:00. Location to be determined.



Monday, Nov. 26                    Full cast after school until 4:00. Location to be determined

Tuesday, Nov. 27                    Full cast after school until 4:00. Location to be determined.


Wednesday, Nov. 28              Full cast 6:00-8:00 in the BJH gym. Dress rehearsal with sound and tech.


Thursday, Nov. 29                  Full cast.  Call Times in the BJH gym. Dress rehearsal with sound and tech


Friday, Nov. 30                       Performance!  Call times for cast. Curtain up at 7:00pm.

Saturday, Dec. 1                     Performance!  Call times below!  Curtain up at 3:00pm.



Saturday Call Times:


            1:30 – Alices, Tweedles, Flowers, Cat

            1:45 – Hatter, White Rabbit, Dodo, Doorknob, Mathilda, Caterpillar

            2:00 – Rock Lobsters, All sound and tech


The show has been postponed due to a serious illness in Mrs. Tarleton’s family. There are no rehearsals this week (Wednesday dress rehearsal and Thursday run through have been cancelled). The show has tentatively been rescheduled for November 30 and December 1. Cast members will receive more information as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

Good evening. I have a few musical updates for you and I wanted to get them out in a timely manner. *See below for the final schedule.

  1. Thank you for all of your support. I do understand the amount of work being done behind the scenes. It is appreciated.
  2. We have full cast rehearsals tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday until 4:00.
  3. Students should start to bring in costume pieces. I almost have 100% of the costumes I am providing.  The flower skirts are being made, the Cat costume will be done by Monday, and Tweedle’s shirts will be in. A few other late costume orders are also tricking in.  Students will have their first semi-dress rehearsal Monday.
  4. Speaking of Monday, we had talked about moving Monday’s rehearsal to the evening, but I am going to keep it after school but extend it until 4:30. This will allow us changing time and a few extra minutes to continue to clean things up.
  5. We will be auctioning off 5 “dinner theatre” tables for each evening performance and we need some food and beverages for these tables. Please see the link below if you can help.

You can find more information and sign-up to help here:   

  1.  Please watch the schedule carefully. We are working around several other activities that impact our performance time and space such as Halloween and Voting. (We lose the gym the week of the show Monday night because they are setting up voting and Tuesday because of Voting.)
  2. Please help our young actors manage all of this. Grades are closing. District 3 7thand 8thgrade honors are coming up fast. Another round of colds is hitting us. We are a team and we would like all of our team members to be in top shape for our 2 performances.


Our show date is Friday, Nov. 9 and Saturday, Nov. 10. Curtain raises at 7:00pm.  Doors will open at 6:15 and tickets are only sold at the door for $10.00. As mentioned above, 5 tables will be auctioned at each performance to the highest bidder. Thursday, Nov. 8 is an open dress rehearsal. You are welcome to video any performance (I purchased the video license) as long as the videos are not sold for profit. Thursday is a great night to come in and set up to get a good recording. (*I will however, stop during dress rehearsal is something goes drastically wrong…..)


Thank you again for supporting our young actors and our program. Every detail help us get better and better.





Mon. – Oct. 22            FULL CAST       5:00-7:00PM               Choreography with Ms. Kate

            *I am aware that some of you cannot attend this rehearsal.

Tues.-  Oct. 23             FULL CAST       2:45-4:00PM              

Wed.-  Oct. 24             FULL CAST       2:45-4:00PM

Thur.- Oct. 25              FULL CAST       2:45-4:00PM

Fri. –    Oct. 26             FULL CAST       2:45-4:00PM   Everyone off script after this rehearsal!


Mon. – Oct. 29            FULL CAST       2:45-4:00         We will start to use our costumes today. Anyone missing rehearsal from here on out will be re-cast. Only excuse will be illness.

Tues. –  Oct. 30            FULL CAST       2:45-4:00

Wed.-   Oct. 31            NO REHEARSAL for HALLOWEEN

Thur.-  Nov. 1              FULL CAST.      2:45-4:00

Fri. – Nov. 2                 FULL CAST       2:45-4:00


Mon. – Nov. 5             FULL CAST       5:30-7:30         We will be rehearsing in the cafeteria or the chorus room because they will be setting up for voting.

Tues.-   Nov. 6             No Rehearsal.  There is no school today because of voting.

Wed. – Nov. 7              5:30-7:30         Full Dress Rehearsal in the gym

Thur. – Nov. 8             Call times.  Dress rehearsal begins at 6:30 and we will end at 8:00pm.

Fri. –     Nov. 9              PERFORMANCE.  Call times

Sat. – Nov. 10              PERFORMANCE.  Call times.



*Please keep checking the website for any rehearsal changes. If we are behind, I may need to lengthen some after school rehearsals until 4:30.




Call Times:


            5:30 – Alices, Cat, Caterpillar (all of you!), Queen of Hearts

            5:45 – Flowers, Rock Lobsters, Dodo, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Hare

            6:00 – Cardspeople, King, Tech

            6:30 – Warm-up.

            6:55- Places.

            7:00 – Curtain





Monday, Oct. 1       Alice, Doorknob, Cat, Small Alice, Tall Alice, Dodo Bird, Rock    Lobsters           Scene 2 pages 34-41.   Until 3:30

Tuesday, Oct. 2       Cat, Alice, Dum, Dee, White Rabbit, Tall Alice, Dodo, Small Alice

                                                Scene 3 pages 41-51. Until 4:00

Wed., Oct. 3            Flowers, Caterpillar. Choreo with  Ms. Kate until 4:00.

Thursday, Oct. 4     Flowers and Caterpillar until 3:30 with Ms. Kate. *This is a change from the previous schedule!

                                                Scene 4. Pages 51-63. Until 3:30


Tuesday, Oct. 9       FULL CAST   until 4:00

Wed, Oct. 10           FULL CAST until 4:00 – Flowers, Caterpillar, Dodo and Rock Lobsters will pull out for choreo. With Ms.Kate

Thursday, Oct. 11   Cat, Alice, Hatter, Hare, White Rabbit, Dodo, Rock Lobsters

Scene 5 pages 63-72.  Choreo for the Dodo and Lobsters until  4:00

Friday, Oct. 12         FULL CAST until 4:00


Monday, Oct. 15     TBD –

Tuesday, Oct. 13     Cat, Cardspeople, All Leads. Until 4:00

Thursday, Oct. 15   Cardspeople (choreo), All Leads. Until 4:00

Friday, Oct. 16         FULL CAST until 4:00


*We are now 3 weeks out from the performance.




Monday.  9-17            FULL CAST in the gym until 3:30.   Vocals and information

Tuesday.  9-18            FULL CAST in the gym until 4:00.   Vocals and blocking the opening

Thurs.       9-20            All Alices, All Flowers, Dum and Dee, Cat 1-3, until 4:00 Vocals and

Friday.      9-21            FULL CAST in the gym until 4:00.    Vocals and blocking the opening



Monday.   9-24           All Flowers, White Rabbit, Hatter, Hare, Dodo. Vocals and dialogue

Tuesday.   9-25            Cat 1-3, Alice, W. Rabbit. Scene 1 pages 19-29

Thurs.        9-27           Flowers – Choreo with Kate. 

                                     FULL CAST – VOCALS and blocking the opening and scene 1

Fri.             9-28           FULL CAST – Opening scene through scene 1


Musical Rehearsal Monday, Sept. 17.. Full cast in the gym until 3:30.

PARENT MEETING for the musical at 3:30 today, Sept. 17th in the gym.

Full Cast rehearsal Tuesday, Sept. 18 until 4:00 in the gym. We will be working on vocals and blocking the Opening of the Show.



Workshop opportunity!  Wednesday, Sept. 5 from 2:45-3:30

Come and ask questions, learn how to do a character study and preview some scripts!


ALICE IN WONDERLAND, JR. NOVEMBER 9 and 10, 2018  at 7:00pm in the BJH gym. Tickets: $10.00 at the door only

Auditions for Alice in Wonderland, Jr. will be held on Monday, Sept. 10 and Tuesday, Sept. 11 after school in the chorus room. Please sign up outside the chorus room. They will begin at 2:45 and end when they are finished. Auditions will be individual or small group – your choice!!!  Please prepare a portion of a song that is between 1 and 2 minutes long. You may add props and choreography if you want. Be prepared to respond to a theatre challenge. I am looking for “characters,” so make sure I can see the character traits in your audition, the way you move, the way you talk/sing, the kind of voice you use…..  

Call-backs will be on Wed., Sept. 12 and Thurs., Sept 13. (Call-backs will include a dance workshop for some students who are being considered for roles that need a strong dance background. They will be done by our choreographer.

The full cast list will be posted on Fri., Sept 14 after period 8. There are no cuts in the musical.

The first full rehearsal and parent meeting will be held on Monday, Sept. 17 from 2:45 – 3:30 for rehearsal and 3:30 – ? for the parent meeting. This is a “big show” year and we will need a lot of support to build/paint set pieces and props, get costumes made and organized and have some great PR for our show. Thank you in advance for your help and support. (Our BJH musicals are produced with funding raised by the Music Booster organization.)

*Tech support roles will be developed in October. 




Well, we have had quite a week! Thank you everyone for your support and flexibility.  Please attend one (or both!) of our performances tonight or tomorrow night.  The curtain is at 7:00pm in the BJH gym.  Tickets are $8.00 and only sold at the door. We will have a table auction before the musical, so please be prepared to bid on a theme table with scrumptious things to eat! Our actors are really ready to put on an amazing show!




Monday- October 30           Full Dress Rehearsal in costume


Arrive at school no earlier than 5:15. Get your costume. Use the locker rooms to change.  Put your street clothes BACK INTO the prop room. Bring something quiet for when you are not onstage.

Tuesday-October 31            No rehearsal because of Halloween

Wednesday-November 1     Full Dress Rehearsal in costume


Thursday-November 2         SCHOOL PERFORMANCE Periods 1-2

Leads should plan to arrive at school at 7:15. Change in the locker rooms and meet on the stage. Tech should plan to arrive around 7:30 to set up the spot, the sound and the stage.  The rest of the cast should plan to arrive around 7:30, change and meet on the stage. I will send you to your advisor for attendance and then you will meet me in the cafeteria.

 Thursday-November 2         Evening rehearsal

         This is up-in-the-air.  If we do a really great job in our morning performance, we will not rehearse.  If we need to clean something up because it went horribly wrong, we will rehearse from 5:30-7:00 with no costumes.

Friday-November 3              SCHOOL PERFORMANCE Period 1-2

*Use the same procedure as Thursday.

Friday-November 3              EVENING PERFORMANCE Curtain: 7:00pm

Saturday-November 4          EVENING PERFORMANCE Curtain 7:00pm


         Ensemble players- 5:30pm. 

         Ensemble singers and dancers – 5:45pm

         Ensemble and all tech – 6:00pm

Get your costumes out of the prop room.

Boys will change in Mr. Mac’s room and girls will change in Mrs. Sharpe’s room.

Report to the cafeteria for make-up.

Sit quietly until we warm-up.  (Bring something quiet to do. Bring water and a small snack that will not make a mess.) 


Rehearsals are going fairly well!  We added tech this weekend will be adding sound very soon. I should start to see pieces of costumes come in. Please have them labeled (in a bag is fine) so we can hang them up. Students are also asked to provide some kind of “school” prop like a string bag, book, old binder, etc. that they can keep on the stage. (So that means it cannot be actively used in class!) Those should be brought in as soon as possible as well.  Thank you! We are getting close. I will be contacting parents for some help in the next week as well to support our students on performance nights.


Rehearsals for 10-10 through 10-27

Tuesday, 10/10  Ensemble Players and Singers
Wednesday, 10/11  Full Cast
Thursday 10/12  Ensemble Players
Friday, 10/13  Full Cast

Monday 10/16 through Friday, 10/27  Full Cast every day until 4:00. 
  *If this needs to be adjusted, I will post and put it on the announcements.

Please make sure that the week of October 30 through Nov. 4 is cleared for evening rehearsals (excluding Halloween because we will not rehearse on Halloween.)  Time frame for these rehearsals will be between 5:30pm and 8:00pm and will be scheduled closer to the week.




Rehearsals for 10-2 through 10 – 5

Monday 10-2  Homeroom Players    Final vocal rehearsals on group songs

Tuesday 10-3  Christine and All the Clones – We will rehearse and block  “Secret”

Wednesday 10-4  Full Cast   We will learn and block “Cafeteria”

Thursday 10-5  Full Cast  We will continue with “Cafeteria” and review”Homeroom,” “Locker Rock”

Friday 10-6  NO REHEARSAL

Monday 10-9  NO REHEARSAL

*We will be moving to the stage the week of Oct. 9!

Costume Information

Homeroom – The Musical


The BIG and FUN question is always – what does my costume look like?  The costuming for this show is fairly basic but also pretty specific.

FULL CAST:  Everyone needs to provide a dedicated “school clothes” outfit for the show. These clothes should be specific to the character (hints below) and should not be new. What do you feel comfortable wearing to school every day and more importantly, what would your character wear? All choices must meet school dress code with shoulders being covered with at least a cap sleeve and all skirts/shorts meeting the knee. Remember, we are on a stage with the audience BELOW us looking up. Comfortable shoes that you can move in are your choice.


For the costume change…….

Homeroom Ensemble: 

            Girls please provide:  Dark leggings (no patterns on them please) and a solid-colored top that is any color. Shoulders must be covered with at least a cap sleeve. If it is lighter in color (yellow/white) please make sure there is a white layer underneath because the theatre lights will make it see-through.

             BJH will provide: a brightly-colored piece of material that will go over the leggings and will be used as several different costume pieces (skirt for the Salsa Scene, Scarf for the Dance Scene…)

            Boys: Please provide a pair of black dress pants or jeans.  (No shorts!) and a T-shirt that is a solid color but not white. You will also need a button-front shirt that you can throw on over your T-shirt for the dance scene. Short-sleeves are fine. If you would prefer to throw a Polo-type shirt over your T-shirt, that would be fine as well.

            BJH will provide: Neon ties, hats

Homeroom Dancers:

            Please provide appropriate dance shoes (the girls know what they need to move in) and black leggings with a solid black top that will not ride up when they are dancing.

            BJH will provide:  Several different kinds of skirts depending on the dance, material, other items such as a swatch of materials over the shirt, etc. Dancers have the most costume changes in this show so the bottom layer is consistent with the top layers being thrown on over the solid black layer.

Homeroom Singers:

             Please provide a solid black bottom of some sort. (Leggings, black dress pants or jeans, a black skirt with black leggings underneath…)

            BJH will provide:  Brightly-colored T-shirts; items for the Salsa Scene and the Dance Scene.)

Hints for school clothing:


            Skirts with leggings underneath

            An athletic T-shirt or top

            Math Team, Island Team and any Club Shirts


            Please do not wear: Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Sleep pants, Yoga pants, jeans that are artfully ripped in many places. The stage is hot with the theatre lights and the other clothing items do not present correctly on the stage for this show.

If you need help with costuming, please ask. The sooner you speak with us the better, as the closer we get to the show the less time we have to get the items.

Rehearsals for 9-25 through 9-29

Monday 9-25: Homeroom Players (characters whose last name begins with the letter “V”)  We will work on Homeroom, How Do I Look?, Today is the Day   2:45-4:00

Tuesday 9-26:  Andy, Amy, Laura. We will work on vocals for Dance With Me, Going it Alone, Is It Love Laura – 2:45-3:30.  Andy and Amy – 2:45-4:00

Wednesday 9-27: Jenny, Teacher, Kids. We will learn and block “Hopeless Case.”  2:45-4:00

Thursday 9-28: Homeroom Players, Homeroom Singers. Vocals and blocking for “Homeroom” and “Locker Rock.”  2:45-4:00   ADDED:  Dance rehearsal until 4:00 for Homeroom Dancers!

Friday 9:29: FULL CAST.  We will block “Homeroom” and learn “Locker Rock.” We will also block “Secret.”  2:45-4:00



Rehearsals for 9-18 through 9-22.

Monday 9-18:  All Leads   2:45-4:00

Tuesday 9-19   Christine and the Clone  2:45 – 4:00

Wednesday 9-20:  No rehearsal

Thursday 9-21: Vinnie, Alex and Homeroom Singers  2:45 – 4:00

Friday 9-22:  FULL CAST  2:45 – 4:00



Homeroom – The Musical


Welcome to the cast of Homeroom – The Musical.  I am excited to get things started.


Let’s look at a few expectations for this project.


  1. You are part of a team.  Please be a positive member. That means you are at rehearsal when scheduled. You are prepared for what you need to do. You have a positive and focused mindset.  You communicate with Mrs. Tarleton if there are any problems.
  2. There are eligibility requirements to participate in this activity. You must be passing your classes and you also must be showing the core values we expect at BJH.
  3. The musical is Friday and Saturday, Nov. 3 and 4. You WILL HAVE REHEARSAL every night of show week except Oct. 31. YOU MUST BE AT THESE REHEARSALS or you cannot participate in the show.


I will post the rehearsal schedule weekly. You can find this information on the Music Department Website that you can find on the BJH web page. Most rehearsals will run until 4:00.


Parents:   I am the musical director, the costumer, the set builder, the sound technician….. I need help if this is to be a successful show. This would be a great show to volunteer for because costumes are minimal as are the sets. I would really appreciate some support with:


            Costumes:  Most students will be in school clothes, but there are a few quirky items we need. (We do have a budget.)  I also need people to help collect the costumes; label the costumes; and primp the costumes the nights of the show.


            PR:  I would love to have a HUGE community presence at our shows.  This means advertising. If you can help, please and thank you.


            Program: I can pass along all of the information. It would need to be formatted. I can run them here at school.


            Props/Set:  The set is minimal this year. Only blocks and benches. I would appreciate someone who has the time to fix up our current blocks and help us find a few benches. I could also use help managing this during the shows. We will have a student tech crew.


It is best if you can email me if you are interested. I will communicate with you at that point. Thank you in advance!


Once again, welcome! Let’s work hard together to have a fantastic show.




Welcome to the BJH Musical Theatre page!  I will be keeping you posted on rehearsals and other information so check back often!


There is a rehearsal on Friday, September 15 in the chorus room until 3:30 for the full cast. There is no tech or stage crew at this rehearsal. 

There will be a brief parent meeting at 3:30 in the chorus room on Friday, September 15 to go over details and support for the musical. All parents are welcome and asked to attend.