Concert Choir

Welcome to the Concert Choir page! At BJH, we have 3 concert choirs – 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade. All of these choirs are academic, graded classes that meet 2:4 days in the rotation. We work toward meeting the standards in vocal health, technique, literacy (sight singing) and cultural heritage while learning a wide variety of styles and genre. 

Students in the Concert Choir are asked to provide a folio to keep their music in. (Music cannot be hole-punched.) Students should also bring a pencil to class and be ready to use it. All music will be provided.

We will have three concerts a year that are mandatory for chorus students. These are our summative (final) assessments and many of our standards – such as connecting with an audience – cannot be met without performance. Besides, they are FUN!  Please see the calendar on the home page for dates and make sure you have them set aside for a night of great music! Concert attire for all of our ensembles is all-black from head to toe. Shoulders must be covered to the elbow joint. Ties are great for our gentlemen. (Bow ties are OK too!) It would be awesome if performance shoes could be black, but we are dealing with the middle school feet that have a tendency to change sizes every other month, so do the best you can. Please make sure your student can walk comfortable and stand comfortable and that the shoes will not draw undue attention, such as shoes that have flashing lights attached. Our concerts are free to the public and generally begin at 7:00pm in the BJH gym.