2018 Jazz Auditions

Auditions will be September 11-14 Sign up on the band room door!
Important: All musicians who participated in Jazz Band last year will be doing a group audition on Friday, September 15 at 7 AM. If you miss this, you’ll need to sign up for a “new student” audition. All jazz musicians interested in returning, should prep the 2018 Jazz Audition Requirements below. We’ll also be doing some ensemble sight reading.

There is a Jazz Audition Workshop on Tuesday, September 11 open to ANY (new or returning) student interested in BJH Jazz. We’ll go over the audition process and work on the audition materials. This workshop is optional.

2018 Jazz Audition Requirements:

  • Bb Concert Scale 
  • Chromatic Scale (your full range- from the lowest note to highest note you can play)
  • All excerpts for your instrument located below
  • Drummers will be asked to demonstrate different styles (swing, latin, shuffle, rock, etc…) and fills. These should demonstrate technical ability and appropriate recognition of the styles.
  • Pianists and guitarists will be asked to demonstrate comping.
  • Pianists will also be asked to play another prepared piece such as a classical or jazz piece.
  • Bass players will be asked to provide examples of walking bass lines (ask if you need examples).

There will be an AUDITION Workshop for any students auditioning for Jazz (this is highly recommended for FIRST time auditionees!) Tuesday, September 11 at 7 AM in the band room.

Before Auditions

  • Signup for an audition time
  • Fill out registration (you’ll return this at the time of your audition) 
  • Print your audition excerpt (below) and practice audition requirements
  • Ask Miss Anderson if you have questions

Audition Excerpts

Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax

Jazz Audition Improv Track  (This portion of the audition is optional but is encouraged!! Use this track as an accompaniment for your improv.)