Vocal Music

Welcome to BJH Chorus. I am glad you are participating in our active program. My name is Shari Tarleton and I am excited to create music with you this year.


1. Academic Choral instruction:  Students may elect to schedule chorus in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Chorus is a standards-based class that meets every other day.

2.  Advanced Choir:  Students who are members in good standing of the choral music program may choose to participate in Advanced Choir. This is a mixed ensemble that combines vocalists in grades 6,7,8 for all voice parts. These students are dedicated and motivated to expand their vocal technique, ensemble skills and repertoire by working two days a week before school. There is no audition required, but students must attend all rehearsals. We will participate in the Great East Festival at the end of May.

3. Jazz Choir:  Students who are members in good standing of the choral music program may choose to audition for jazz choir. This ensemble rehearses after school 1-2 days a week from November through the end of March. Approximately 24 students will be chosen from students who audition in grades 6,7,8. We will participate in the MMEA District III group adjudication jazz festival as well as perform at 2 concerts.

4. A capella: We have several opportunities for students to participate in a capella ensembles. Students may start their own ensemble. Students may choose to participate in ensemble workshops that are offered throughout the year by our BHS a capella ensembles. Students may choose to participate in one of Mrs. Tarleton’s mixed ensembles.

5. Auditions Prep:  We actively participate in the MMEA District III Honors Choral ensembles at the 7th and 8th grade level. Audition prep is offered to help students prepare for the November auditions. This will become Honors Chorus prep for those who are chosen so they may learn their music.

6. Sectionals and Voice Class:  Sectionals and voice classes are offered on an “as-needed” basis. Some will be offered outside the school day and some will be offered during appropriate times during the school day. These strengthen our vocal and ensemble skills in small group instruction.

7. Honors events: We participate in MMEA District III Honors events. Students may choose to audition. We also offer the option to work toward BJH music awards on an individual basis. There are opportunities to perform solos and ensembles at our Husky Howl and in chosen repertoire.


1.  Students are expected to attend class prepared: They will be on time with a positive attitude toward learning. They will have any necessary materials (all music will be provided by the school).

2.  Students are expected to attend scheduled concerts. Our concert schedule is available and set in August. *We do sometimes need to adjust concerts due to unforeseen conflicts in the schedule. Please mark the dates on your calendar so you are prepared. Our concerts share our learning and music with family and friends and are free to the public. Students who miss concerts due to illness are responsible to make them up. Concerts are a natural extension of the music program and we appreciate your support.

3. Students are expected to be engaged in class. They will follow the cues of the conductor and respond positively to the needs to the ensemble. They will use instructional time to achieve success. They will take musical risks.

4.  Students are expected to be focused:  They will work toward personal and ensemble goals. They will be leaders. They will participate actively in a positive manner.


1. Students will grow as vocalists. They will learn to be healthy singers. They will expand their knowledge in notation and pitch. They will use proper breathing to support a good tone. They will be involved in  cultural and historical repertoire. They will learn perserverance, leadership, teamwork, integrity, practice skills, goal-setting, responsibility and performance skills.

2. Students will be part of a positive team that gives life-long opportunities and satisfaction.

3. All students participate. No one sits on the bench.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. The best way is through email:


My daily phone is 207-319-1930.

Once again, I am excited to be working and creating music with your student. Please keep our website bookmarked and check back often for updates and information.

Shari Tarleton

BJH Music